Sunday, April 21, 2019
Google Voice

Tyrannize WhatsApp, Viber messages with Google

Google has put forth new essentials that will allow you to verbalise and send messages via intermediary apps through Google now. Just utter “Ok Google, send a Viber message to Francis” immediately you will be prompted to verbalise your message”.

Verizon tested super fast 10GBps internet Technology

Verizon has announced that it has successfully tested fiber optics broadband, that hits speed upto 10 GB per second with the aim of streaming 4K video in near future.

Music Streaming service Tidal getts 1 million subscribers

Jay-Z owned music streaming service Tidal has now more than 1 million subscribers since its inception, rapper himself has announced the news vai a tweet.

The portable particle accelerator can be created

A new breakthrough by the researchers from University of Maryland can be used to make a portable particle accelerator, which can be used in medical and other fields.

Chase to launch “Chase Pay” payment system to take on Apple Pay

JP Morgan Chase & Co that it is going to launch Chase Pay mobile app, which uses your credit, debit and prepaid card to make payments through CurrentC.

Thync lets users change mood at will

United States based startup Thync is using a innovative technology to give users a quick energy boost or relaxed mood.

Amkette launches Evo Gamepad for Smartphones

Smartphone has never given us the thrust that PC’s and Tablet can offer on the gaming front. However, the mindset of people is going to change very soon with the latest product Evo Gamepad by Amkette.

Phillips to launch 5K Display Monitor

These new monitors are headed by a splendid 27-inch LCD monitor with an UltraClear 5K resolution that features around 14.7 million pixels inside a 5,120 x 2,880 resolution that pledges four times better than the pixels of a 4K display.

Bionic Arm produces Intel’s Vision of personalized Computing to life

This Bionic Arm is produced by the Open Bionics Team, the 3D printed Bionic Arm is build with polymers with wavering levels of firmness. The part that attaches to an amputee's limb is made with a softer, more flexible material, while the hand and fingers are more rigid and firm.

FAA to test a system to detect drones near airport

Drones are increasing day by day, as lots of private drones have been found in US. The worst part is that people are flying their drones near the airport. More than 100 incidents have...