Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Privacy Visor Glass to protect your face from Camera

The National Institute of Informatics developed the Privacy Visor to protect identity, which is an eyewear Glass and will protect your face clicked from the camera.

4K aka Ultra High Definition – Walkthrough to the latest improvisation

The world is changing from projectors to HD television, from basic calling to video calling, from normal chatting to Whatsapp chatting, so what makes TV behind, and that’s how they have come up with the latest improvisation of 4K aka Ultra High Definition taking over all the other HD video compilation.
TeeWe 2

Teewe 2 with smaller design, better perfornace goes official

Teewe 2 with smaller design and better performance goes official. Check inside for a detailed view on the device.

Researchers invented a way to increase the life of the battery

Team of Researchers at MIT and Tsinghua University has developed nanoparticle electrode, which comes with a solid titanium shell and a size changing “Yolk” inside it.

Porsche unveils its “Mission E” electric sports concept car

Porsche unveiled its Mission E concept car that can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds and it can be charged up to 80% in just 15 minutes

Tesla partners with Airbnb to install more charging Units

Tesla is partnering with Airbnb to install some more electric car charging stations for its Model S cars and will offer free charger to minimum 100 Airbnb hosts.

UberRush is shutting down by Uber

Uber's own on-demand package delivery service, UberRush is shutting down by the giant as it has failed to achieve critical mass for its growth in the market. Yes, RUSH will be no longer available...

SmartHalo app revamps any bicycle into a smart vehicle

The SmartHalo endows a dead simple green lighting response that is connected via Bluetooth to the app on your smartphone. It lets you to keep the handset in your pocket and follow the color-coded navigation guides on the device which is attached to the bicycle. All you need is to load your destination into the SmartHalo’s associated app and the device would take care of the rest.

Space VR wants you to see the space like an Astronaut

Space VR plans to send a 12 camera rig to the International Space Station (ISS), which will shoot 360 degree video and will send the 360 degree footage to the Earth.

Nikon’s new 200-500mm lens worth is unexpected

Nikon has announced 3 new FX format lenses for Full-frame DSLR’s like D750 and D810. FX format lenses are also compatible with the smaller format DX Nikon like D7200, all of these cameras comprises with a telephoto super-zoom, a substitute for the long running 24-70 mm standard zoom and a new wide-angle prime (fixed focal length) lens.