Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Aerelight A1 light allows your phone to charge

OTI Lumionics started shipping its Aerelight A1 OLED super thin desk lamp at the price of $299, which emits more natural, softer, warmer and pleasing light for eyes.

More people die due to Selfie than shark attacks

More people die due to Selfie than shark attacks, as 12 people have died taking extreme Selfie this year, while only 8 people have died due to shark attacks.
Google Calendar

Microsoft is adding Google Calendar support to Outlook on Mac

Microsoft is adding Google Calendar and Contacts support to the Mac version of Outlook 2016, the company announced yesterday. The change means that Outlook users will be able to synchronize and track their Google Calendars...

Iowa to launch digital driver’s licenses by replacing plastic licenses.

The driving license will appear on your smartphone and looks exactly like a normal driver’s license, which includes a photo, date of birth, address and license expiration date. A video demonstration that showed a phone screen and by swiping, it turns back the license which reveals a bar code and the class of the license.
Aim gun

PS VR’s Aim gun controller will launch in May

Sony's Aim Controller was originally supposed to launch around the holidays alongside Farpoint, a showcase FPS title. Well, now it's March and there's still no Aim Controller or Farpoint on shelves. At GDC this week, Impulse Gear, the developer...

Stratasys, Dassault Systemes join hands for additive manufacturing

The 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company Stratasys Ltd on Tuesday announced a collaboration with global 3D printing major Dassault Systemes to provide next-generation design tools in the field of additive manufacturing. The...

Chevrolet to offer an unlimited data plan

It’s not just big carriers offering unlimited data plans these days — car maker Chevrolet has now got in on the act, announcing today that it would offer an unlimited 4G LTE plan for drivers to use inside their cars. The...
Mike Pence

Mike Pence AOL email got hacked

Vice President Mike Pence used a personal AOL email account to conduct sensitive state business — including issues related to homeland security — as the governor of Indiana, according to a report from The Indianapolis Star....

UberRush is shutting down by Uber

Uber's own on-demand package delivery service, UberRush is shutting down by the giant as it has failed to achieve critical mass for its growth in the market. Yes, RUSH will be no longer available...

Atomberg, Indian home appliances startup raises $1 Million

Atomberg, Mumbai based startup which manufacturers smart and energy efficient home appliances has raised $1 Million from Parampara capital.