Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Mike Pence

Mike Pence AOL email got hacked

Vice President Mike Pence used a personal AOL email account to conduct sensitive state business — including issues related to homeland security — as the governor of Indiana, according to a report from The Indianapolis Star....

The SNES would make a huge but excellent handheld device

The Nintendo Switch might be out today, but given Nintendo’s track record of stocking consoles, it might be difficult to get your hands on a system if you didn’t preorder. And when you do get it, only...
Google Calendar

Microsoft is adding Google Calendar support to Outlook on Mac

Microsoft is adding Google Calendar and Contacts support to the Mac version of Outlook 2016, the company announced yesterday. The change means that Outlook users will be able to synchronize and track their Google Calendars...

Chevrolet to offer an unlimited data plan

It’s not just big carriers offering unlimited data plans these days — car maker Chevrolet has now got in on the act, announcing today that it would offer an unlimited 4G LTE plan for drivers to use inside their cars. The...

5G: Super fast data, throttled by reality

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, the concept of 5G feels almost like a cult. Everywhere you look, companies are talking about the “transformative power” of a technology that hasn’t even been standardized yet....

Unlimited 4G data at Rs. 57 for 28 days from Telenor India

Telenor India offering unlimited 4G data to its existing users at a very nominal price. Since the launch of Reliance Jio and its unbeatable free services, other giants of India have come together with...

Stratasys, Dassault Systemes join hands for additive manufacturing

The 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company Stratasys Ltd on Tuesday announced a collaboration with global 3D printing major Dassault Systemes to provide next-generation design tools in the field of additive manufacturing. The...

Siemens posts $1.60 Billion as net profit

Siemens, leading engineering and technology solutions provider, today posted $1.60 Billion standalone net profit for the third quarter of this fiscal, up 43% compared to the year-ago period. The company had posted a net profit...

In Israel, teaching kids cyberskills becomes a national mission

In some Israeli schools, fourth-graders learn computer programming while gifted 10th-graders take after-school classes in encryption tactics, coding and how to stop malicious hacking. The country even has two new kindergartens that teach computer...

Atomberg, Indian home appliances startup raises $1 Million

Atomberg, Mumbai based startup which manufacturers smart and energy efficient home appliances has raised $1 Million from Parampara capital.