Friday, April 26, 2019

How to setup voice mail on Samsung Galaxy S3

voice mail on samsung galaxy s3 can access through two ways, one is standard voice mail in which requires to navigate in voice and other is visual voice mail.

Samsung Gear S2 debuts on Instagram

  There has been lots of buzz about Samsung Gear S2 ever since it was officially teased at Samsung’s unpacked event. To ensure the people remembers the upcoming smartwatch, Samsung seems to be releasing information on...

Samsung Gear A may soon hit the market with three Variants

According to latest rumors, Samsung Gear A may com in three Variants Orbis S1, Orbis S2 and Orbis Classic and they may come with different code name also.

Samsung reveals the pricing of Galaxy S8+ with 6GB RAM variant

Samsung Korea has finally confirmed the pricing of the new upcoming high end smartphone from Korean giant, Samsung. The new Samsung Galaxy S8+ with 6 GB variant is priced at 1,155,000 won. If we convert...

Samsung Tizen smartphones could be released in Russia and India soon

Samsung Tizen is the Samsung's home grown Operating System and it is alternative to the Apple iOS and Google's Android. Samsung has said that these smartphones could be released in Russia and India soon.