Monday, October 22, 2018

You shouldn’t pay money for your drone registration

FAA has announced that the drone registration process will be very simple and have also said that drone owners should not pay money for the drone registration process

Former Skype founders unveil Wagon-like robot to deliver groceries

Two former Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis have joined together to launch a robot company called Starship Technologies with the aim to solve the 'last mile problem' of delivering parcels from Transportation...

you can Pre-order R2-D2 fridge at more than $8,000

Haier Asia has created a new remote control R2-D2 shape mini fridge, which can chill your beer and even bring it to you if you are feeling too lazy to move your feet.

Toyota unveils a tiny adorable robot “Kirobo Mini” for your car

Toyota has unveiled a new tiny and adorable robot called Kirobo Mini, which will respond to you by either talking or with gesture after detecting your emotions.

Yamaha Built a bike riding humanoid robot

Yamaha unveiled a humanoid robot named Motobot, which can ride some of the fastest bikes in the world like you and can even challenge some real racer.

GoPro posts a video captured by its upcoming camera drone

GoPro has posted an stable, smooth, sharp and colorful 1,440p video captured by it unmanned quadcopter, which is scheduled to release in first half of 2016.

AIG offers Insurance polices for your drones

AIG Insurance Company has launched some insurance policies for the unmanned aircraft, which covers damage to your drone and any person involved in it.

New bionic robotic finger looks and acts like real finger

At Florida Atlantic University, researchers have developed a new bionic finger that is soft and has movements like real finger. Researchers have created this robotic finger with the help of shape memory alloy (SMA),...

Sharp announced a cute robot phone named RoboHon

Sharp has announced a human shaped robot phone RoboHon that comes with 2 inch screen on back, camera and projector on its face along with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.

Researchers create a tiny robot weighing just 4 gram

Researchers from EPFL lab has created a robot named Tribot weighing just 4 grams that can walk, fold, flips and jump almost seven times of its height