Friday, May 24, 2019

TomTom – Positioning Niche market

TomTom the Dutch based navigation company has forayed into smart devices category. In India, TomTom positioning their products for niche market by concentrating on fitness segment. – a wallet-friendly website for students!

Discount coupon mania popular in Europe and America to attract customers has now hit India too. There are various new startups coming up using this strategy to capture market. The newly popped up discount...

Japanese heart-Shaped phone Heart401AB may fail to win hearts

With Valentine's day fast approaching one can find many many things that are heart shaped. Everyone would want to buy something may  that is heart-shaped for their valentine which may range from pizzas to...

BeachBot – Disney’s artistic robot

Nothing can beat Disney for its lovely fairy tale stories and the beautiful animated movies they take. But that is not all. Disney has joined hands with a research institute in Zurich and come...

Brillio identifies trends in technology for 2015

Brillio identifies trends in technology for 2015 - Forecasts, trends and developments in Cloud Computing, Better Analytics and Internet of things.

Cicret Bracelet – Your skin will be Touch Screen

Cicret Bracelet – Your skin will be a Touch Screen, has a vibrator, an accelerator, USB Port with WIFI and Bluetooth Connectivity, available in 10 different colors.

Build your online store in 10 minutes with Shopify

Check out here for the detailed review of Shopify along with features, clients, payment system and monthly subscription details and more.

What’s inside the Little Black Box?

My heart rate? 53 beats per minute. My lungs have exhaled and inhaled 16 times per minute as I sit down with my coffee to write this post. How am I telling you all this? Maybe I have a strap attached...or a watch. Maybe I am sitting at the doctors? The answer is no, nada and then no again. I know all of this because of the shirt that I am wearing. The Little Black Box.

POP messenger for Windows Phone let you chat with pictures

POP messenger for Windows Phone allows the users to easily create and send the customized visual text messages. Check out here for the complete details of the app.

VidMo app for iOS : Never Miss a moment

VidMo app allow you to catch all your moments and create the videos with all you moments. Check out here for more details and download VidMo app for iOS.