Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ellie Kai, your fashionista guide

Customize and alter your favorite dresses and tops with this online shopping platform for women. Now shop like how it was meant to be on Ellie Kai.

Forkable helps you get lunch without hassle

Forkable solves the ever important question we all have at office. What do have for lunch? Let's find out how it accomplishes such a thing.

Buildzoom helps you Find an Ideal Contractor

Buildzoom appoints the contractor for all your home improvement, construction and services. Driven by millions of user reviews and millions of contractors.

Elevate takes your mind to new levels

This brain training app is poised to give you greater knowledge of a vast array of subjects and skills. Take your mind one step further.

Lucid VR captures realistic 3D cinematography

A world's first in consumer VR, the Lucid cam offers simple and effective capture of video and audio in 180 degrees which offers depth and realism.

Medium simplifies blogging for everyone

Medium is a blogging provider for everyone that allows quick and easy publishing and sharing of your stories and others around the world.

Thync lets users change mood at will

United States based startup Thync is using a innovative technology to give users a quick energy boost or relaxed mood.

Delve into a better understanding of lifestyle with Neura

Neura is a platform that allows the user to see the combined information gathered by connected devices and applicaitons to better understand them.

Meural – Modern take on showcasing art

United States based Meural is reinventing how we display and appreciate artwork from around the world. It is a modern way of enjoying your art and pictures.

DJI spearheading the Phantom 3 drones with 4K quality

The 4K camera is a great deal business strategy for selling the Phantom. DJI has well versed integrated two amazing aspects videography and photography in to one by giving room to the settings and adjustments.