Sunday, February 17, 2019

Apple Placing ‘Massive’ Orders From Leading 3D Sensing Laser Supplier, ahead of iPhone 8...

Lumentum, the Apple supplier has around $200 million that came through bookings for the calendar year, related to the components of VCSEL (Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers). These components are believed to be part...
Apple iOS 8

Hidden Features in iOS 8 that Apple didn’t tell you about at WWDC!

This post highlights the features in iOS 8 that are either hard to find or that were not showcased in Apple's WWDC earlier this weak.
How to restore iPhone to iOS 8 after updating to iOS 8.0.1

How to restore iPhone after updated to iOS 8.0.1

If you are already updated your iPhone to iOS 8.0.1 update there is also a chance to roll back your device to iOS 8

Changing the Size of Font on iPhone

Giants phones have becoming a trend in the current tech era and why not? Plenty of manufacturers are offering a series of extraordinary smartphones at an affordable prices tags. If you still stick with...

How to enable and use triple click Home button shortcut on iOS

Apple also offers accessibility option that lets you enable and customize triple click Home button, which makes you can pick the one that's most convenient and ease for you

How to darken colors, reduce whitepoint,turnoff transparency on iPhone

There are great accessibility features on iPhone and iPad which includes darken colors, reduce white point,turnoff transparency.

Here are the all new 240 Emojis of iOS 11.1

Apple looks unstoppable with its announcement. The giant has recently released its new generation iPhones with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in the market. The giant has also released a new...

How to remove accounts from Apple pay remotely

In Apple pay you can remove accounts if someone stolen your phone or you lose it. But there is way given by the Apple through remotely you can remove the accounts

How to create favorite list in Vesper

Vesper is a well designed note taking application for iPhone and iPad, Soon this application is expected to come Mac.By application easily you can create, Tag

How to use archive & trash simultaneously on iOS 8 Mail app

Generally we use third party certificate to use this but Apple iOS 8 brings the swipe options that actually archive & trash simultaneously for the first time