Sunday, April 21, 2019

T-Mobile has the fastest Mobile data in the US, Ookla reported

Ever wonder who has the fastest mobile data in the United States? Do you really like to know which carrier should you choose to use Mobile Data in the US? Well, SpeedTest owner, Ookla...

T-Mobile to offer free Netflix subscriptions from September 12

Netflix is partnering with T-Mobile and now offering free unlimited subscriptions if you have purchased a T-Mobile device with unlimited data plans. This exclusive partnership designed for the people who have purchased unlimited plans...

How do I know if someone is stealing my WiFi?

If you have found out something messy with your WiFi connection, the next door people might be stealing your WiFi. If you were using a high speed WiFi connection but not getting good speed...

Microsoft edge: Death of adobe flash player

As you may have heard HTML5 is on the rise, and it appears Adobe Flash may soon be a thing of the past. Even Apple has said Flash has poor performance, security issues, a...

Reddit ends terms with Imgur, launches image uploads

Starting today, Reddit supports uploading images on its own website. The latest move ends the informal contract it had with imgur.

Whatsapp Desktop App now available for Mac and Windows

Whatsapp has officially announced the desktop app version for Windows and Mac, days after the rumors surfaced online.
Google for cashless

Password Free Login coming soon with Google

Google seems to be working on Password free login option to make login more convenient and secure on shared or public devices.

Time Warner Cable wants to replace cable box with Roku

Time Warner Cable has announced a trail service for its TWC TV app that allows its users to access live TV on smartphones and smart TVs with their Wi-Fi network.

Netflix to create Bollywood and Anime style shows

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that the company is planning to produce original Bollywood and anime Style shows for its audiences at the global stage.

Comcast charges an extra $35 for unlimited data

Comcast has announced that it is rolling out an unlimited Internet Data plan at an additional price of $35 per month in Atlanta, Nashville and Miami.