Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Updated Instagram shares your location automatically

The new updated version of Instagram makes it easier for its users to directly tag their photos with the location that automatically adds up to the map. There is no need of uploading pics separately when your sharing the location. Updated Instagram has completely eliminated the option 'Add to Photomap' button. Instagram has also changed some of its settings and updated the Photomap's Help Page.

Instagram Soon to Open its Platform for Advertisers

Instagram is all set to monetize its service. After many experiments, on Tuesday, the company stated its taking measures to make its ads available to all types of businesses and not just selected few. Facebook...

Instagram debuts ‘Carousel ads,’ advertisers-only slide show

Instagram has been stealthy entering into the world of mobile advertising since 2013, cautious of rocking the boat and upsetting its 300 million users and counting. But today, Instagram introduced an interesting feature called 'Carousel...

Instagram predicted to get as worthy as Facebook

The decision of Facebook to purchase Instagram appear to be smarter and smarter as every year pass by. Instagram, the popular fast-growing photo-sharing network, is seem to generate aroung seven hundred million dollars in...

Instagram has taken leaf from another Vine – Auto-loop

Instagram is taking a leaf from another Vine - yup, quite literally. When Vine introduced loop counts, it instantly replaced likes and shares to become the default metric to measure the popularity of the...

Instagram Hits 300 Million Users

Acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, Instagram appears to have inherited the monstrous growth trait that parent Facebook has in abundance.

Instagram Contest: Ideas and Examples for a Successful Campaign

The easiest way to get new followers and email subscribers on Instagram is by creating a contest. Using a prize as an objective will drive in a lot of new users to participate and share with their friends. There are different types of Instagram contests that can reach different goals.