Thursday, May 23, 2019

TouchKin, Proactive Healthcare startup raises $400K

TouchKin, India based Proactive Healthcare startup has raised $400K from Angel Investors to implement better technology in the social sensing solution.

Babygogo, Child Healthcare startup raises $300K

Babygogo, Indian child healthcare startup has raised $300K in funding from a bunch of Angel Investors to develop better technology to connect doctors and parents.

Gympik raises pre series A round from RoundGlass Partners

Online fitness discovery platform from India, Gympik, has raised undisclosed amount in pre series A funding from RoundGlass Partners to focus on expansion and technology.
Sigtuple india

SigTuple, Medical Technology Startup raised seed funding

SigTuple, Indian Medical technology startup has raised seed funding from bunch of investors to focus on technology powering the unique medical solutions.

BabyBerry, Indian Parenting App raises $1 Million Angel Funding

BabyBerry, India based parenting app has raised $1 Million Angel Funds to focus on product development and marketing activities. The funding round was led by Nitin Bagamane.
Medinfi app

Medinfi, Indian healthcare platform raises Angel Funding

Medinfi, an Indian healthcare startup has raised undisclosed amount in fourth round of angel funding from a bunch of investors to expand and improve the technology.
Lantern startup

Lantern raises $17 Million in Series A round

Lantern, Mental Heath Startup has raised $17 million in series A round to include more categories in portfolio along with to focus on user acquasition.

Researchers finds easy method to create wearable health patch

Researchers found easy and inexpensive method to create wearable electronic health patch that can monitor vital signs of human body like hear-rate, hydration level.

Researchers find a way to transmit EEG signals through light

Researchers have suggested the use of visible light communication, which is also called as Li-Fi to transmit the readings from EEG over a distance of almost 50 cm.

Researchers created an automated process to fold the DNA

Researchers have created a new automated method to fold the DNA and built a rabbit shaped bunny, which will help in delivering drugs to human body precisely.