Saturday, May 25, 2019

Box Adds Google Cloud Vision for Image Recognition

A popular cloud storage service, Box has announced that they are bringing image recognition on the storage to let users search for photos and videos easily. This new machine learning technology will help users...

Google allows Indian users to download and watch YouTube videos offline

Google has made an announcement that it is introducing the facility to download and watch YouTube videos offline for the Indian users. Check out here for more details

Google unveils its own wireless service dubbed ‘Project Fi’

On Wednesday, Investors cheered moves by Google and sent the stock market to a solid gain. Google helped boost the stock value after it launched a low-cost wireless phone service called Project Fi. Google's new...
Google free international roaming

Google partners with Three UK to offer free international roaming

International roaming charges are such a pain for anyone who travels abroad. The user may end up paying huge bills or would have to hunt for a local SIM card to make calls when...

Android pay coming soon, but when is a real question

Android Pay is coming soon, but when is still not clear, according to the report this new mobile payment platform is not going to be released today or this week.

Google Maps app gets Material Design makeover

The search engine giant Google has recently announced that they are started rolling out the updated version of the Google Map with Material Deign for the Android Smartphone user
Andy rubin

Android co-founder, Andy Rubin raises $48 million for his start-up lab

Andy Rubin, the former Google whiz who parted ways after 9 year in the company to run and support the tech-startups he started has raised $48 million in equity financing, according to regulatory filing....

Android Pay now available to everyone in US

Google has officially released its NFC powered payment system to Google Play Store for everyone in US and supports credit and debit cards from various banks of US.

Turn on car with Google Auto on dashboard

It’s turn of your car for Google Auto, Android Auto software, latest version of Android requires a phone to be plugged into a compatible car within built screen

Google Project Ara gets a competitor by the Startup ‘Vsenn’

The Google Project Ara modular phone project is now not the single project of this kind, now they get a competitor from a start-up 'Vsenn'. The Vsenn, a company co-founded by a former Nokia Android X program manager.