Thursday, May 23, 2019

New Era brings “the sound of Internet”.

The reality of our lives breathes within an unobstructed illusion of sound. The sounds like slurping the liquid, footsteps, clapping, argument, sneezing…etc… all these noises are registered under the nature’s audio bookmark. All these...
Concept Train

There is a Chinese concept train that doesn’t need to stop at stations to...

Passengers step onto a compartment platform above an incoming train, which is then snagged by the train as it moves through the platform. At the next station, anyone wanting to get off moves up into the compartment, which is then snagged by the station.
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs called Jon Stewart once when he poked fun at Apple. Here’s what...

Former Apple CEO and cofounder Steve Jobs wasn't very happy with Jon Stewart when he poked fun at Apple back in 2010. Tech blog Gizmodo found a prototype of the iPhone 4 sitting in a bar four years ago. Jon Stewart, being the funny man he is, teased Apple in a skit called "Appholes."
App Store

Black Friday: What discounts and gift cards are being offered by Apple?

Black Friday is around the corner, and the good samaritans at The Tech Bulletin have compiled a list of the deals that Apple is going to offer on this day. There are some pretty good reasons to hit the Apple Store this week, especially if you plan on shopping for your friends there.

What’s inside the Little Black Box?

My heart rate? 53 beats per minute. My lungs have exhaled and inhaled 16 times per minute as I sit down with my coffee to write this post. How am I telling you all this? Maybe I have a strap attached...or a watch. Maybe I am sitting at the doctors? The answer is no, nada and then no again. I know all of this because of the shirt that I am wearing. The Little Black Box.
Real Time Marketing

Real time marketing: The next big thing?

Real-time marketing is expanding beyond its roots at a tremendous rate as brand-related content spreads with the help of social media. The early results have been mixed.

Every third engineer in Apple is Indian

Based on research handled by HFS Research, a global business analysis company, every third engineer in Apple is Indian, read the full article.

50,000 units of Xiaomi Mi Pad goes disappear in 4 minutes

Xiaomi Mi Pad is the first tablet to equipped with NVIDIA's new Tegra K1 quad-core processor sold out 50,000 units in just 3.59 minutes in china.

Google – the most valuable brand, left Apple behind

Great news of this day, Google has now became the most valuable brand to this world left Apple behind. Read more about 'Google - the most valuable brand'

Every second smartphone in India over 30,000 in an iPhone

Every second smartphone in India over 30,000 is an iPhone, must read how Apple is dominating Indian smartphone market.