Monday, May 20, 2019

GoPro Hero 6 Black leaks once again with more powerful features

Earlier this week, we have shared a leaked image of the new generation of the GoPro action camera, i.e. GoPro Hero 6 Black. Today, a bunch of new leaked images of the new GoPro...

Here’s the all new GoPro Hero 6 Camera

If you are looking for news regarding the upcoming GoPro Hero 6 camera then here's the first glimpse of this new edition to the amazing action camera, GoPro. As you know, GoPro has got...

Watch it GoPro gets shot from a Cannon

Ryan and David have built pneumatic cannon from the start for shooting GoPro, its design is similar to the Cannon used for shooting T-shirts in the crowd.

Ricoh launches its 360-degree camera Theta S at Rs.39,995

Ricoh India has launched a new Theta S camera at Rs. 39,995 that can capture HQ images and 360 degree videos, which can be shared on social networking site.

Lytro unveils a professional rig that captures VR videos

Lytro has launched a new product called “Immerge” that comes with five rings of light field cameras and sensors for capturing the VR videos from all the directions.

GoPro posts a video captured by its upcoming camera drone

GoPro has posted an stable, smooth, sharp and colorful 1,440p video captured by it unmanned quadcopter, which is scheduled to release in first half of 2016.

EE Launches a 4GEE Capture Cam for streaming HD video

EE has launched a new affordable tiny 4GEE Capture Cam that can live stream 720p video to your friend and family via a data connection or directly through its 4G SIM

GoPro unveils an affordable camera Hero+ with Wi-Fi

GoPro has announced an entry level GoPro camera named Hero+, that comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi option at $200 and it also comes with an auto low-light mode.

LAPD to start deploying body cameras from Monday

LAPD begins deploying the body cameras to the officer from Monday, initially only 860 out of 7,000 cameras will be distributed to the officers in three divisions.

Panono Camera : its time for 360° photography

The Photo spheres have an amazing detail and it is perfectly highlighted with no higher brightness or higher contrast. Even if you zoom in, You cannot identify the noises or rough grains in the photo.