Thursday, May 23, 2019

AT&T announces ZTE Mobley that offer Wi-Fi Hotspot for your car

AT&T has announced a new device named ZTE Mobley that is going to offer you Wi-Fi hotspot in the cars after plugging-in to the OBD-II port of your cars.

AT&T offers a DIRECTV package of $200

After the recent takeover of DIRECTV, the AT&T has started offering a new package of television and wireless services for the customer at just $200.

T-Mobile offers No Roaming Charges in Canada & Mexico

Customers of T-mobile in USA will soon have roaming free rates when they travel to Canada and Mexico. T-Mobile is soon to include texting and 4G LTE data to and from Canada and Mexico...

AT&T’s gigabit internet finally lands in Chicago

AT&T has planned to roll out the Gigabit internet plan across Chicago in the first level. More areas to be covered by the end of summer.