Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Bionic Arm produces Intel’s Vision of personalized Computing to life

This Bionic Arm is produced by the Open Bionics Team, the 3D printed Bionic Arm is build with polymers with wavering levels of firmness. The part that attaches to an amputee's limb is made with a softer, more flexible material, while the hand and fingers are more rigid and firm.

Youbionic to launch a fully 3D-printed bionic hand for disables

Youbionic, is planning to release a 3D printed arms for disables, which uses Arduino software to send the electric impulses to make the hand’s muscle movements.
Grey Orange - Funding - Banner

GreyOrange secures funds from Tiger Global

Grey Orange secures funds from Tiger Global and Blume Ventures. The company is one of the fast-growing, venture-backed technology startups.

Bevel to let you click pictures in 3D with your smartphone

Matter and Forum has created a new accessory named Bevel for your smartphones, which will convert your phone and tablet camera into a 3D camera and it costs $49.

Lance Abernethy created World’s smallest circular saw

Lance Abernethy created World's smallest working circular saw, featuring a hearing aid battery, a buttons on the handle to switch it on/off, but won't cut anything.

FDA approves 3D Printed Drug ‘Spritam’ for the first time

This drug is made especially for medicating seizures in people suffering from epilepsy syndromes for children and adults. It’s a new innovation of manufacturing a drug for medicating seizures through 3D printer.

How 3D printer is accesed – User Guide

It is kind of obvious that our governments are hoping and looking forward to Robotics and 3D printing as future revenue drivers. They are the turbulent technologies that are changing our lives and the way we do stuffs.
3d printer printing another 3d printer

3D printer which prints another 3D printer

Latest update in the 3D printing industry shows 3D printer printing another 3D printer. Check inside for detailed information

Doodles get real with the 3D printing 3Doodler pen

3D printing technology never fails to amaze anyone. From jewelry to human organs, it has redefined the way the objects are created. 3D printers are not all that new but its potential gets better...

Local Motors startup soon to launch 3D printed car

Gone are the days of printing vases, jewelry and other small items with 3D printers. Startup Local Motors is planning to enter the automotive industry in the following year when it plans to launch...