Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Evolution of 3D printers reforming lives

One of the hottest topic in today's world is 3D printing. 3D printers have created a paradigm shift in the manufacturing industry by creating usable products using printers and has been a boon in...

MIT creates 3DGP – a new 3D printing technology

This new technique is called as 3DGP, it works almost in a similar way just like the conventional plastic 3D printing, the only difference is we are using glass instead of plastic. MIT's Media Lab have been working in a school with the Mechanical Engineering Department, Wyss Institute and MIT's glass lab has jointly created this new technology.

Local Motors startup soon to launch 3D printed car

Gone are the days of printing vases, jewelry and other small items with 3D printers. Startup Local Motors is planning to enter the automotive industry in the following year when it plans to launch...

Top Healthcare Tech Startups to lookout for in 2015

On the surface, Health care sector may seem immune to new technology and jam-packed for new innovation. But the recently popped up tech startups are working to change it. They innovate products ranging from...

How 3D printer is accesed – User Guide

It is kind of obvious that our governments are hoping and looking forward to Robotics and 3D printing as future revenue drivers. They are the turbulent technologies that are changing our lives and the way we do stuffs.

Bionic Arm produces Intel’s Vision of personalized Computing to life

This Bionic Arm is produced by the Open Bionics Team, the 3D printed Bionic Arm is build with polymers with wavering levels of firmness. The part that attaches to an amputee's limb is made with a softer, more flexible material, while the hand and fingers are more rigid and firm.

3D chocolate printer of 3D Systems at CES 2015

3D Systems knocks the door of culinary arts with the unveiling of CocoJet at CES this year. The leading giant in the 3D printing industry 3D Systems has collaborated with The Hershey Company, a...

3D printing revives Iron-age Irish music instruments

A PhD student at the Australian National University named Billy Ó Foghlú has duplicated an Irish artifact Conical Spearbutt of Navan with the help of 3D printing.

Dubai soon to create 3D printed building for office space

As Dutch is working on to 3D print a bridge, Dubai is looking at building the world's first office building using a 3D printer. It is the first initiative of the city's earlier announced...

3D Systems join hands with U.S Army Research Lab (ARL)

3D Systems has announced its partnership with U.S Army Research Laboratory (ARL), America's premier research center for land forces. This partnership is to jointly develop 3D printing technology and materials for automotive, medical, wearable,...