Sunday, April 21, 2019

3D Systems join hands with U.S Army Research Lab (ARL)

3D Systems has announced its partnership with U.S Army Research Laboratory (ARL), America's premier research center for land forces. This partnership is to jointly develop 3D printing technology and materials for automotive, medical, wearable,...

This 3D printed tooth to clean your mouth from bacteria

Researchers have created artificial tooth by 3D printer, which will keep your free from bacteria, as bacteria gets killed by getting in contact of this tooth.

New bionic robotic finger looks and acts like real finger

At Florida Atlantic University, researchers have developed a new bionic finger that is soft and has movements like real finger. Researchers have created this robotic finger with the help of shape memory alloy (SMA),...

3D printing company MakerBot goes on lay-off mode again

Just after six months of laying off 20% of its workforce, MakerBot is doing it again. The company is cutting down another one-fifth of its payroll as it struggles to meet lofty ambitions and...

Adidas plans to make shoe by 3D printing

Adidas is planning to make a perfectly fitted shoe for every person, so the company unveiled the prototype of a 3D printed running shoe midsole called Futurecraft 3D.

Now recycled Coffee ground to be used for 3D Printing

3Dom has made 3D printing filament by using recycled coffee grounds, which can be be used in any 3D printer that uses PLA materials to produces dark brown objects.

3D printing revives Iron-age Irish music instruments

A PhD student at the Australian National University named Billy Ó Foghlú has duplicated an Irish artifact Conical Spearbutt of Navan with the help of 3D printing.

Researchers find a 3D printing method with Glass

Mediated Matter Group of MIT has announced a new 3D printing method on this Friday, which will use transparent glass as precursor instead of plastic to create objetcs

MIT creates 3DGP – a new 3D printing technology

This new technique is called as 3DGP, it works almost in a similar way just like the conventional plastic 3D printing, the only difference is we are using glass instead of plastic. MIT's Media Lab have been working in a school with the Mechanical Engineering Department, Wyss Institute and MIT's glass lab has jointly created this new technology.

Carbon3D raises $100 million to take 3D printing beyond prototypes

Carbon3D, 3D printing startup has secured $100 million in Series C round of funding led by Google Ventures along with new investors Yuri Milner, Reinet Fund S.C.A, F.I.S and old investors Sequoia Capital, Silver...