You can now watch Hulu Live TV on your Mac or PC


Hulu has recently updated its iOS app which is a major update for all the Hulu Live TV and the original Hulu app user by merging these two apps into one. Now, Hulu has now now made one more update with which you can now watch Hulu Live TV on your Mac and PC systems. This is a much awaited and much needed update which is now made available by the officials of Hulu. 

According to this update, Hulu Live TV can be streamed on your Mac and PC systems as well. The app can be accessed through its web based interface and you can stream it through your PC’s web browsers. This way Hulu aims to expand its services from Mobiles and Set-top boxes. If you have a Hulu subscriptions active, you can view all TV channels live on your PC through different web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge browser, and Internet Explorer 11.

The recent announcement regarding this Hulu Live TV app says, “Rather than wait until we’ve finalized our new Web experience, we’re opening up a basic version to Hulu’s live TV plan subscribers so they can stream live TV via their browsers. That means, you can catch the big game, this morning’s news or the premiere of “This is Us” wherever you are.”

Hulu has just started experiencing this Hulu Live TV app with its web based version. And currently, they are seeking for its users reviews. The web based version of this app will soon get a number of updates to serve the best of user interface. At presently, you can watch upto 50+ live TV channels. It has plenty of services to offer, you can even search for the content, premium add-ons and much more.

Hulu says this is a very early version of its experience on the Web and it is expected to evolve over the next few months. Currently, you can browse and watch Live TV from 50+ channels, see what’s on next on individual networks, and search for and watch everything available on Hulu including on-demand content and premium add-ons like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime.

Further they added, “Just in time for football season, you can even launch multiple streams on your computer. Catch every live game from ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, SEC Network, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, CBS Sports Network, Big Ten Network or your local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels in select markets.”

The most interesting part of this web based version of the Hulu Live TV app is, you don’t need any additional device or software to explore this web based version of this app. It doesn’t even ask for any further plugins or extensions. Hulu also lets you explore multiple channels through different web browsers for multiple accounts associated with your current Hulu subscription.

So, what’s your take on this guys? Do share your views and opinions on this update from Hulu. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, just let us know in the comments section by dropping your comments into the comments section. For more updates, stay tuned with us.