Call of Duty WWII – The Good and The Bad to play on PS4 Beta


It’s not a surprise that the Call of Duty is one of the biggest games that are released in this gaming year. This time, it has come up with the brand new WWII, a basic version of the game published by the Sledgehammer. Since years, the franchise has been releasing the gaming versions that had ‘future’ in the titles and this time, the World War II is something that we all could look up to.

This weekend the beta version of the Call of Duty WWII is coming to be played on the PS4 and for the first time, many games across the world are excited about it.

Call of Duty WWII

One of the major selling points of the Call of Duty WWII is the boots on the ground shooter. This feature has brought the fundamentals back to the game. Depending on the history, the feature will add a new aura to the game with all the ground sliding and the wall-running fighting techniques.

But how far is this a good change is a debatable question, on the other hand, many people will be relieved to have a realistic philosophy that existed then be in a fantasy of the future. Other than that, the other good features include sticking to the basics and going back to the old school without any charge up moves as such. Also, the Incendiary Shells make the game fun where the maps turn viable to iterate. These shells can fire the enemies and burn them just in seconds.