Buildzoom helps you Find an Ideal Contractor


Why ask your neighbors to recommend a contractor when you can choose from a vast number of them and carefully analyse and pin point the one which suits you the best?

BuildZoom is one such solution to your needs related to finding a contractor. It was founded by David Petersen and Jiyan Wei, who grew up as friends in Bethesda, Maryland and bring over 20 years of combined experience, building and managing data-driven companies to the table. It is a website where you can search for the ideal home construction/improvement contractor with confidence across the USA. Buildzoom imposes strict regulations and standards on it’s contractor roster and aims to give the absolute highest work quality output as possible.

How does it work?


Buildzoom relies on the vast number of recommendations dropped in by its customers to give detailed information about what project they had, which contractor they hired, how friendly/professional he/she was, how satisfied they were with the finished product and other various criteria are essential in order to formulate what is known as a Buildzoom score for the contractor. All contractors must first create a Buildzoom profile and must have the appropriate licencing, reputable past work, detailed personal profile as well as no black marks (in previous work) as they all contribute to their final score. Basically the more information they share about themselves and their work, the more accurate their Buildzoom score is.

How to employ a contractor?


On the Home page you are given the options to first select whether you want to request quotes or browse contractor. In request quote you must specify what kind of project (or category) you have in mind such as solar, general contractor, swimming pools. Then drop in the zip code. And lastly some contact information. The website then sends this out to the best matching contractors that can take the job. Browse contractor has the option to search for a contractor itself or what service that is needed. And then what in city the work will take place. The search results show the profiles of the highest reputation or Buildzoom score, in each profile you can see what their past projects, building permits, licence, insurance and company description.