How to build home entertainment network


With the advanced in technology, now no need to watch the TV sitting on the couch. Now, you can get the entertainment of watching the movies, music and more from where you are sitting. It is not so complicated setup, but needs a few pieces of equipment and you can use your computer network as the next-generation hub.

How to build home entertainment network

1. Install a network router

For this setup a network is needed which acts as the centerpiece of this operation and if high definition media is your requirement, then speed, bandwidth and range are very crucial. I recommend D-Link’s DIR-825 router which offers all the bandwidth which is needed for HD media and television programming. It has the dual-band feature which allows the router to simultaneously manage the bandwidth intensive applications on the two different frequencies i.e, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This router can be providing the internet access for checking the email on the commonly used 2.4 GHz frequency and at the same instance it serves the HD video streams on 5 GHz frequency.

2. Extend network coverage

If your house is very large, then you can extend the range of the network with help of a bridge using the D-Link DAP-1522, which enhance the wireless signal and the signal can reach all the corners of the house. Just plug in the adapters into any socket on the walls and now the network is quickly up and running.

3. Allocate media storage

After configuring your network then it is the time to look at the media itself. You can access the media files stored on any computer, but the best solution is to use the network attached storage (NAS) device and stores all the files centrally in one place. By removing the storage from the PC, you can also prevent the large files from filling up your PC’s hard drive and also achieve the better protection for that files by storing them on the storage device.

4. Connect your television

This is the final step, to get the entertainment to anywhere in the home then a simple media player like Boxee Box by D-Link can bring the content from the network and straight to your television. Just plug in your Boxee Box by plugging the SD card from the digital camera using the USB portable storage device.

Thats it, home entertainment network is setup. Home entertainment network doesn’t just send the media files from the PC to your TV, it also offers the access to media from any device from anywhere in the house.