BMW’s new electric concept car Zippy i Vision Dynamics is here


The Frankfurt auto show brings a bright future of the automobiles industry. Today, at the same auto show, BMW has unveiled their own new electric concept car with BMW i Vision Dynamic. The new electric car has got all the features to stay healthy in the competitive world with classic looks of BMW. The new BMW car offers premium look which is designed for the people of all the generations. 

If we talk about the recent car, Nissan has also unveiled its new Nissan Leaf 2018 edition which is a powerful vehicle in the electric car range. Well, BMW is here with their own i Vision Dynamic Electric car to put tough competition in the electric car market.

This is a new addition to the existing BMW iSeries vehicles. It’s a two door coupe concept car with rich and premium design. The new i Vision Dynamic car offer 200 kilometers per-hour top speed and a zero to 100 kilometers in just four seconds.

Since we all know that vehicles running on Petrol and other fuels will not be available for lifetime. So, with this concept, almost all the automotive giants are working on their own hybrid cars that will run with both, natural resources and with such fuels. With respect to this, BMW has unveiled this new concept car in the market which fulfils all of your desires of a premium look hybrid car. BMW CEO Harald Krueger said, “Our top priority is electric mobility.”

Additionally, the CEO has also confirmed that they will bring around 25 new electrified cars by the 2025. So if you ever thought of purchasing a new bicycle to save fuel, here are the giants who are working just for you to save fuel and use Electricity to fulfil your desires of running a premium look car. From the 25 cars that the company has decided to launch in the coming years, 12 cars would be fully electric and there is no any hybrid engines available. So you can use this car with Electricity only. The company will announce more about this new fully electric cars in the coming time.

As you know, Tesla tops the Electric car industry with its amazing range os fully electric and hybrid cars, this new BMW Zippy I Vision Electric car is designed to give tough competition to Tesla’s popular Model S car. The new BMW Zippy I Vision car offers range upto 600 Kilometers which is around 373 miles. The CEO has also confirmed that the production of this new electric car has already started and we will see this new concept electric car from BMW in the market very soon.

Apart from this, a few other giants are working on their new self-driving cars. Around 40 companies are working on their self-driving cars over the US. Surprisingly, South Korean giant Samsung is also working on their new Self-driving cars as the giant gets an official permission to test out their own self-driving cars on the streets of California, making the future of automobile industry very bright. Technology and its inventions are brings the best of vehicles in the market and we are happy to witness all of them in the market.