How to block annoying ads in Android notification bar


One of the best feature of the Android OS is it’s notification system where the user gets all the kinds of notifications in their notification bar. But unfortunately, some developers seems to abuse this by putting some ads there, which irritates the user. If you have installed many apps then this will be annoying to see all these notifications.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to block the ads on the certain apps to not appearing. If you are using the Android device running on 4.1 JellyBean or higher version, then it is very easy to block the ads by turning off the notifications for specific app. Follow the below tutorial to block the ads from different apps.

How to block annoying ads in Android notification bar

  • If you know which apps are displaying the ads, then navigate to settings>Application manager then tap on the certain app to open the App info pane.
  • Now uncheck the box beside to “Show notifications” and then hit on “OK” for the warning appears.
  • Thats, it you are done.

If you don’t know which apps are displaying the ads, the follow the step below.

  • Drag down the notification bar and long press on the advertisement in your notification bar.
  • Now a box labeled “App info” will appear below under the notification.
  • Tap on that box and repeat the steps listed above and you can also uninstall that certain app if you find no use.
  • This not only stop receiving the ads from apps but also frees up some space on the phone’s storage.

If you want to re-enable this you can do it by going back to the app settings and checking the “Show notification box”.