Black Panther has crossed $1 Billion at Global Box Office


Marvel’s recent movie, Black Panther seems unstoppable as the movie hits the top position in the global box office collection. The movie has crossed $1 Billion mark at the Global Box Office. The position was acquired by Disney’s Star Wars : The Last Jedi movie and now, Black Panther has achieved this position in four weeks collection chart. 

This is the first time Marvel’s movie has set this benchmark in the global market. In fact the movie has achieved the position in all four weeks which is indeed a good achievement of the producers and publishers of this movie.

According to various reports, the movie was recently made available in China where it has achieved $66.5 million in just three days of its availability. The movie has set a number of other records in the entertainment industry. Previously, it has achieved the largest February debut of all time record. And after this, the second largest Marvel debut. The first largest Marvel debut was The Avengers and now Black Panther takes the second position in the chart at the same time.

If we talk about the other categories, the movie has also achieved the top position on the highest grossing film by a black director which is indeed a surprising thing for all the people who are working in the industry.

It’s been just 26 days since Marvel’s new movie, Black Panther was released in the theatres and within four weeks of time, the movie conquered the first position in the global box office collection with $1 Billion mark.

According to sources, Black Panther is the 33rd movie to achieve this $1 Billion of Global Box Office collection chart. If we talk about the other Marvel’s movies who have achieved this mark, they are “The Avengers,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Iron Man 3,” and “Captain America: Civil War.”

Talking about the domestic market, the movie grossed $521 million. This makes the movie ninth highest grossing movie in the domestic market till date. This is the fourth weekend of this movie and it seems like it will achieve more $40 Million mark in the weekend. This sets the movie in the second position of Superhero movies to achieve this number after “The Dark Knight’s” with $535 million of collection in the domestic market.

Since the movie is recently made available in China, the movie is also gaining more collection from the International market as well. This weekend, the movie is looking to achieve $500 Million mark in the International market and it would definitely achieve it as it was just launched in China.