Bizly arranges the best meeting place for you


Business heads will sometimes find very inventive ways of holding meetings, perhaps at a coffee shop or their cafeteria, but it’s not very professional and can be messy. A new app hopes to change that. Bizly was founded in 2015 by Ron Shah and operates in New York. The application allows professionals to set up and manage various types of meetings and conferences via the app. Bizly helps to select and organize accommodations  for staff meetings, board meetings, group discussions, client meetings and various events with seamless and efficient management.

How does it work

bizly 1

The Application shows all available hotels/resorts on a google-maps like interface. Selecting a hotel shows you an overview of the hotel and the meeting room (or equivalent room)  as well as available features such as cost per hour, video conferencing, room service etc. After reserving your room, you can assign the number of guests, date and time. Food and such can be pre-ordered and a transport arrangement is also included (via the integrated Uber App). Prices and room/hall details are added to show precisely what your getting. With curated lists of the best hotels, the app finds the most appropriate hotel according to your needs.

Convenience and Simplicity

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The application accomplishes different tasks in sequence. Instead of arranging each thing separately using different means of application, the app organizes all of them at once. This is all packaged into an seamless and elegant interface which allows for a easy time arranging your event. Guests that are invited are automatically sent  notifications and calendar invites as well. A real complete package for arranging client meetings and other business events.  Bizly is also integrated with the uber app for arranging transport. A useful app for all business professionals. Bizly can be downloaded on the iOS app store here: The iOS App.