Bitdefender Security Box – Antivirus now comes as a Box

Technology keeps evolving itself. Big fat televisions have now become smart LED TVs, computers have become laptops and tablets, big hard disk drives have become pen drives. More than the size, the approach and the technology has evolved. Things have become smarter and more human friendly. In the same series, we bring you another smart technology built by one of the best security brand Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Antivirus has recently come up with Bitdefender security box, a physical box which protects all the devices in your house connected to internet. Well, people like me who eat and sleep with technology, there are many devices at home or workplace. Talking about my personal self, I use a Laptop, a computer, couple of smartphones, kindle and a tablet. The general approach till now has been to have an antivirus for all the important devices, and I have spent quite a lot buying those annual subscriptions from various antivirus brands for my laptop and computer.

The new technology from Bitdefender, however, promises to make you get rid of the same. Bitdefender security box, sets up with your router to help secure the network instead of devices, so all the devices you have connected with the internet are safe, courtesy Bitdefender.

bitdefender security box for internet of things

Once you are done with configuring the security box with your internet, you will need to install an app/client on your devices. The box supports pretty much all the devices running on iOS, Android, Windows etc, so it should not be an issue for you while configuring. Once you have configured the app on your devices, it will protect the device even when you are not connected to your home network, well, that sounds pretty cool, at least to me, because, we do not find a lot of trusted public WiFi hotspots.

While going through the reviews of users, I felt that it’s a little tricky task to configure the device for the beginners, because assigning the internal IP address to individual devices does need a bit of efforts and that might cause frustration to a few users. However, it didn’t cause a lot of troubles to me as I was pretty aware of the same and setting it up is pretty much like setting up a router for the first time. Also, you can use this box as a stand alone WiFi router, but that will not be advisable for a lot of reasons. Apart from that, once the device gets restarted, it needs a bit of time to gather all the information back and start working properly.

Overall, the box seems like a next-gen solution to the needs of future homes where every single household will have devices connected to internet in every corner. In that kind of scenario, it will not be possible to get an individual antivirus subscription for every device and things like Bitdefender security box will come into play being complete home network security.