Bitcoin Scammers Send Bomb Threats Globally

By | December 14, 2018

If you live in the United States and have been working in the institutes, you are likely to receive a bomb threat. Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, and many other public institutes are receiving Bomb Threats. According to sources, the threats are directly related to Cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. These scammers are Bitcoin Scammers. 

The issue is not faced by the people and institutions of the US, but the same situation happens around the world. Many other countries have also claimed of receiving kind of the same bomb threats in their inboxes. Fortunately, there is no any evidence of planted a real bomb, however, the situation has put many investigation agencies to investigate on the matter.

The Bomb Threat is being sent by an anonymous email address where no one can notice the actual name of the sender or any other information about that person. The subject line in each email says “Do not waste your time”. This kind of emails are indeed to worry about and one can’t ignore such emails. For the very same reasons, countries which have been receiving such threats, have taken immediate steps to tackle down the situation.

According to the threat email, the person has planted an explosive device in the building. Moreover, the threat email is also asking for $20,000 of fund transfer to the Bitcoin’s account. This is nothing but a Bitcoin Scammer who wants to earn quick money by composing such bomb threats in the global market.

“If the explosive device detonates and the authorities see this letter: We are not terrorists and don’t assume any liability for explosions in other places,” the email reads.

People who have received such bomb threats emails have posted their screenshots on microblogging site, Twitter. Soon, hundreds of same screenshots started floating over the platform which has made the investigation agencies to work on the situation immediately.

We are unable to figure out how far this bomb threat email spread and which of the world’s countries have received this emails. However, Police Departments of the US and Canada have confirmed this news and posted regarding the situation on Twitter through their official handles. The UK also noted such email which means, the threat is gradually spreading in more countries.

According to the US Police Department, they are constantly in search of bombs and are actively monitoring the situation. They are also keeping an eye on Twitter and checking out the screenshots posted by users from different countries.

Many Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, and buildings were evacuated due to this bomb threat. Even Facebook Building was also evacuated to tackle down the situation.

Many investigation agencies around the globe are collaborating with each other to investigate the actual scammer. They are constantly in contact with the persons who have received this email.

This is yet another hacker-scam which aimed at Bitcoin’s Users. Bitcoin is constantly growing and is currently the best Cryptocurrency in the market. The platform receives money and makes quick transactions which are the reason why the hackers or scammers have chosen the ransom money to transfer to their Bitcoin’s Account.

According to latest news reports, more and more countries are receiving the same email where Bitcoin Transactions is legal. The US, Canada, UK, New Zealand have received the same Bomb Threats via Email.