Bevel to let you click pictures in 3D with your smartphone



Taking pictures of some really cool places, sunsets and everything you came across is one of the favorite time pass for anyone. Now taking 3D pictures have become trend, as it give you more visual perspective to enjoy your image. But 3D scanner is still pretty costly, so lots of people won’t be able to fulfill their dream of taking 3D pictures. But don’t worry folks, because the Canadian Toronto based company Matter and Forum has created a new and affordable accessory named Bevel for your smartphones, which will convert your phone or tablet camera into a 3D camera. The best part of this camera is that it costs only $49.



Right now this Bevel is on Kickstarter to raise funds and the goal of the company is to raise funds of $200,000. The company says, “World’s first attachment capable of capturing real 3D photographs on any Smartphone or tablet. Other 3D attachments create the illusion of 3D by enhancing the depth of an image, but fail to capture a file that you can actually use.”

You just have to plug this device to the headphone jack of the tablet or phone and then click the pictures. This device comes with an eye-safe laser, which you have to pan over the place, person and anything you want to capture and leave the rest of the work to the Bevel. You don’t have to worry much, as this device works with your samrtphone camera and its eye-safe laser helps you to capture the objects in a new dimensions. The image taken from the Bevel attachment can also be used for 3D printing. This device works on both Android and iOS device. The image captured can be viewed on the Bevel apps.


The Bevel has raised the funds of $170,000 in one week on the Kickstarter. So Bevel has not reached its goal yet. Once Bevel will reach its funding goal of $200,000, then it will start shipping this Bevel accessory in December.