Best websites to sell digital products online


If you want to sell any digital content like software applications and self published content then internet offers you the considerable opportunities for selling and marketing your goods online. Digital goods are non-tangible products such as computer games, software applications, e-books, custom designed sewing or craft patterns, ringtones, web templates and more, basically the goods which are sold to the customers in the electronic or digital format.

The online marketplaces or eCommerce websites will guarantee lot of visibility for the publishers and there still the publishers have to give them in return. Some websites offer the significant cut on your sales and the publishers will not have the control and branding of the site.

Best websites to sell digital products online

Here I am listing the best five easy to use and cost effective market places and eCommerce solutions to sell your digital products online. Research for the best sites which are suitable to sell your digital content online.

1. E-junkie

It features the shopping cart and the digital delivery system for the publishers who have their own site, but looking to include “buy now” buttons to sell downloads. With E-junkie you can store the files on their servers and who purchases your products will receive an email (which is customized by you) with a link to download the product after successful purchase. Cart buttons are available for various payment systems including Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, PayPal, ClickBank, TrialPay and 2CheckOut.

With E-junkie the tangible products can also be sold on your site. For the tangible product E-junkie allows you to includes the details such as shipping and packaging, sales tax, color and size options and more. The pricing in E-junkie starts at $5 per month. You need to create the account and this account gives you the capability to list the 10 products with in 50 MB space limit.

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2. Digital Goods Delivery’s delivery system helps the digital goods publishers to deliver any product virtually to the consumer over the internet. The digital products that can be published includes Word documents, PDF files, audio files, plus zip files and more. This website is intended for the people those who want to sell form their website and the payment system is based on PaPal.

After the publisher uploading the files which remain hosted and served by website, he can use the HTML code on his site to create the PayPal link buttons for downloads. So, when some one buy any item then the customer pays the publisher directly through the PayPal. The pricing in this website starts at $9.95 per month and it provides the following features such as unlimited sales volume, customisable buyer interface, automatic file delivery, custom emails with 50 MB storage.

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3. Tradebit

It is the best online digital market place for the self-publishers to upload and market their music, audio files, software, photos, ebooks and pdf files. In Tradebit eShop the publisher can upload the files up to 2 GB size and edit the specific details including the price, description, thumbnail views and so on. After finishing the details about the product, the publisher can link the product to PayPal, ClickBank or Google Checkout and put the purchase code on your web space. Tradebit takes the 20% commission on each purchase with a total monthly sales volume of $1500.

If the sales exceeds the above limit then you need to upgrade your account to the Pro Plan in which the tradebit takes the 15% commission. Tradebit is also offers an affiliate program, so it allows anyone to sell digital goods on Tradebit to promote them with the ID to get the additional sales commissions.

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4. Payloadz

It is the fully featured non-tangible goods platform which allows you to sell any type of digital product. It take care of hosting the files and delivering them to the buyers. It also includes other features such as product key registrations for selling the software. It enables the sellers to define the file format, delivery format and the price for the products and also allows to conduct the transactions on your site.

You can also upload the digital products and sell them form the payloadz store or you can also use their digital delivery system for purchases on different online auction sites. You can use up to the 1 GB of file storage, and you don’t need to pay Payloadz unless your sales for the 30 day period exceeds $50. Once your income touches $50 then you need to upgrade it to the paying account which starts at $14.95 per month for unlimited transactions and the transaction fees also applies.

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5. Cleverbridge

It i s the digital goods eCommerce solution which provides a full and customized checkout for selling the digital goods. It also offers the fraud protection, statistics and reporting and it provides the support for multiple currencies and languages. It also offers the payment support for all major credit cards, direct debit, PayPal, web money check and wire transfers and more. For the software applications Cleverbridge provides the receipts, product keys, order confirmations and more.

The pricing plan will not be available on its website, but it derives the revenues from a percentage of the each transaction processed through its platform. The charges are based on the client’s average cart value and the monthly revenue and the lowest and highest product pricing.