Best Tools for Collaborative Writing and Editing


In high school, we are taught that “writing means revising”, When started working with teams, it is critical that the revision process is as streamlined and simple as possible. According to Wikipedia, “In a true collaborative atmosphere, each member has an almost equal right and authority to add, edit, and delete text. The writing process becomes a looping stuff, where each modification leads others to make different changes. It is simple and easy to do if the group has a specific goal in mind, and harder if a goal is mute or doubtful.”

Collaborative Writing

Tools available today can make this process even easier and straight, and allow teams to work together to produce really collaborative documents without making much effort. Microsoft Word has powerful authoring and tracking tools, as does Cloud applications and Apple’s Pages application such as Google Docs allow effortless access to all the documents from anywhere via the web. In fact, both Microsoft and Apple have Cloud versions of their application which allow groups to join in the writing process in a fantastic way, as it was missing in a couple of years back.

Look at the best tools for Collaborative Writing and Editing that I believe a handy one for enterprise employees to work together. Read out how these applications can improve your work by providing the collaborative writing with the help of cloud.

However, you won’t get all the facilities as you work on a desktop’s word pad or like that, but yes, all the tools listed here won’t let you down, at least you won’t get annoying after using any of them. If you have any alternate option to go for then do comment those in the comment section below, I will add them as well in this post if I find something useful in that.

Best Tools for Collaborative Writing and Editing

1. Google Docs


Spreadsheets and Google Docs are an online editor with some incredible features that makes it a natural for collaborating writing. We use this tool broadly at crowdSPRING maintaining everything from new requests and dev team upgrade queues to spreadsheets for tracking revenues, projects, and site traffic. A spreadsheet and word processor functions are full-featured and included tools for formatting and editing are offered. Known file formats can be exported and imported with a Gmail account. Google has now included other types of documents to the mix, including charts, presentations and drawings, and surprisingly, all these features are absolutely free to everyone who are using Google Account.

2. Microsoft Word

The ancestor of word processors and one of the great and simple to use tools for Collaborative writing. Its popularity makes a decent dispute for utilizing this web-based application when working together with your group, yet its capacity to track changes in a document, credit the best author or writer of a revision, see the current document in final layout or stamped up in a mixture of ways, makes the world a basic, powerful option. Microsoft’s recently launched the “cloud“-based variant of the product implies that groups will have the capacity to take part from wherever they are using the internet.

3. Apple Pages


Apple is not behind in this category to provide tools for their users to work in a collaborative environment. Apple’s mighty word processor has a tempting attention on page layout and graphic features lacking in  the other major word processors available on the web. Apple Pages offer a web-based feature that let the author or writer to share any document on the web via for authorized team members to view and add comments and the file can be exported in different file formats such as .doc, .pdf and more. The document can be downloaded, history recorded, changes tracked, and a new version uploaded by a team member.

4. Zoho Writer


This web-based tool is not as much popular than the listed above, but yes, this application also provides the same functionalities and robustness to handle a document over the web with ease. Zoho has one of the cleanest and decent interfaces of all of these tools and has the ability to post work directly to a blog (means sharing is even more easy). It also supports Import/export of popular formats. Zoho also offers planners, wikis and collaborative spreadsheets.

5. 37 Signal’s Whiteboard

Whiteboard is also a web-based document editor, allows users to edit, publish and share documents online. This has included the RSS feed that notifies the team member everytime document is updated and comments can even be dropped into the document via email. This service is not fully free for users, a free version is available with fewer features and openness, to get additional features and authority to add more members you need to buy the subscriptions according to your need.

These are the best known collaborative writing tools over the internet to offer openness to work together. Some more tools are available, but these are best among them. Go and use any of the listed applications and let us know what are the features that makes the application popular.