Best Screen Capture Tools for Windows


Capturing the Screen shot of your computer or laptop is terribly handy shot tricky in all sorts of the situations, Ranging from Creating tutorials and capturing the web moments posterity. This gives you the clear information about the best Screen Capture Tools for Windows.

Snipping Tools

This is a Free tool included in the windows 8, Windows 7 and all windows Operating System, The Snipping tool fit into perfect niche for many users. The users who don’t need high powered capture tool, the basic functionality of snipping tool which allows you to capture the whole screen, individual windows, or user-specified capture areas.

This tool also has extremely basic editing functionality like the ability to highlight and write on your screen shots, It lack the more advance features included in the other screen capture tools, but the main asset in the snipping tool is filling a gap between the frustrating Print Screen and Paste style screen capture in earlier versions of Windows and more advanced applications. Choosing this tool is great when compare with other Capturing tools.

Fast Stone Capture

Fast stone capture is also a Screen Capture tool with light weight and awesome responsive, This tool  doesn’t have a large interface, but within the tiny user interface is a screen capturing workhorse.FastStone Capture can capture multiple windows, regions, and multi-level menus. You can set it to automatically upload screenshots to an FTP server, send them by email, or embed them into a Word or Power Point presentation.

In addition, this flexible tool includes a basic but very effective screen casting tool that supports audio input. Fast Stone Capture can be set to automatically prompt your for a caption with preset options, which makes bulk-producing screenshots a snap. Another small but handy feature is the built in color picker for easy color sampling. The Fast Stone Capture will cost around $20.

Green Shot

Green Shot is a Open source screen shot software tool which allows you to take screen shot for full screen of your laptop or desktop. Taking over the print screen button, it allows you to quickly take area specific screenshots and edit them. The Green shot Image Editor allows you to move or remove the mouse even after taking the screen shot. Other Options include drawing different shapes, adding text to image, Obfuscating elements, Filling color

The main key success factor of this tool is it allows you take the screen shot by simply hitting the print screen button on your key board and also selecting the area you want the screen shot.

Screen Shot captor

This is also one of the most expensive and comprehensive screen shot taking tool in the market, This tool has many features like editing , add special effects, add colors, objects and share the screenshots. You can specify pre-capture and post-capture settings, and edit the image using the built-in editor.

You can create mailing lists to share captured images with multiple people or print them directly from within the application. Other options allow you to crop image to selection, re size the image, adjust image, enhance selection, blur the image, adjust its colors, add captions, change its transparency etc. There is also support for multi-monitor setup allowing you to take flawless screenshots across all connected monitors.The reason of the success of the tool is may be because of the Good and unique features where the other tools doesn’t have.


Snappy is mainly popular because of its event capture feature, This feature allows you to set the timer for the capture and initiate screen shot capture on specified mouse and keyboards events, For every such as every mouse click, release or double click or every keyboard key pressed or released. It stores each screenshot in to its own memory and allows you to Export all the selected images in a single PDF file.

The image editor lets you tag additional data to the image, adjust its RGB values, Brightness, Contrast and Color, as well as add lines with adjustable width. There is also an option to directly email the images for sharing with someone, from directly within the application.