Best PDF reader apps for Android and Nokia X series phones

By | April 12, 2014


PDF is the most usable file format in this world to read any documents online or offline. Earlier it as limited to PCs only but after introduction to smartphones, this become a trend to make most of the business using this. Now if we talk about apps available for ebook reader (Pdf reader ), there are tons of. Sometimes these apps start consuming more memory which slows down your device dramatically.

For that reason I have posted this app list of some best PDF reader apps for Android and Nokia X which is also a part of Android. Choose the best ebook reader app after reviewing about these apps mentioned below. Also I have provided the Play Store link for normal Android users and for Nokia X users they have to search for the internet for the .apk file for those apps.

Best PDF reader apps for Android and Nokia X series phones

Adobe Reader

Adobe-Reader-iconMost of the functionality are organized toward business use so we suggest you use this app for that purpose. It can handle e-books but you will apparently want something more than a reader for business purpose. It allows for limited glossary and if you want to modify the PDF file, you can change it to other file formats like word, text etc. to edit it in other apps should you need to. Here below is the Play Sore link, go and grab it
[Adobe Reader- Play Store]


AnDoc PDF/DJVU Reader

AnDoc-iconAnDoc’s claim to acclaim is how decent it is. It can open and view DJVU and PDF formats and for that it is known for. This is helpful for some very fundamental reading only as it does not include a lot of functionality for anything else unlike you observed in the above app. If you just need something to read PDFs (or DJVUs) then you can use this doubtlessy but if you have business needs, you might have to try something else on this list. Play Store – AnDoc

CamScanner App

[Free/optional $49.99/yr]

CamScanner-iconCamScanner is a slightly different from other apps listed here. It cannot import PDFs files or other readable file from your storage but what you can use your phone camera as a scanner to scan any kind of documents into your phone as a PDF format that later you can view using other suitable apps. This can be fantastically useful when you need to send any important document or file. Once the document is scanned by the app, you can illustrate as needed and send it to wherever you want to. I am using this since long back, if you also want to join this click on the Play Store link to get it. [Play Store- CanScanner]

Foxit MobilePDF

foxit-iconFoxit for sure strays to the reader side of things but does have limited features if anyone wants this as for business purpose. This offers the all vital features and the ability to use PDFs. It also has started cloud support which helps you to read your documents anywhere anytime quickly and securely with its smooth operating. It’s more polished than a lot of the options on this list and does offer at least the basic functionality required to make it onto this list. [Foxit Reader- Play Store]