Best & Most Essential Far Cry 5 Guns and Weapons to Play with


Far Cry 5 is the most recent edition of the Far Cry game series. The latest edition serves kind of the same action packed shooting gameplay for the players around. The gameplay is loaded with hundreds of advanced weapons which are there to help you out and to progress through the gameplay. The best and most essential Far Cry 5 guns and weapons are enlisted below just for you. 

If you’ve just got your hands-on on the new Far Cry 5 game, you are advised to first keep an eye on the possibilities in the game and this is how you can simply achieve the best of the game. Far Cry 5 is simply an awesome adventure game to spend hours of your time. It’s amazing how the entire gameplay is designed for the millions of its users around the world.

Here, in the following list, we have gathered the best weapons which should be there for you. You make sure to choose the perfect weapons to play around from the list as the list contains the best of them. The list contains all kinds of weapons for everyone so you can explore them all one by one in different situations. Just play smartly and conquer the gameplay at your end.

Essential Far Cry 5 Guns and Weapons

1.The Slingshot

Slingshot is quite a popular weapon in the old-age gaming. In fact there are many popular games available with Slingshot as their main weapon. Well, Far Cry 5 also has the Slingshot feature which you can try out in different conditions.

This Slingshot lets you fire arrows. Slingshot shoots the arrows super quickly and faster than any other weapon. If you love to shoot the firearrows and want to make use of the arrows more frequently, then this Slingshot is the essential weapon for you to use.

2. SA50 “Free State” Rifle 

SA50 “Free State” is the most greatest shooting rifle available in the new Far Cry 5 game. This rifle is powerful as it comes with heavy stopping power. Additional features are semi-auto rate of fire, best shooting experience etc. It’s highly recommended weapon available in the game.

3. .44 Magnum “Sixer”

.44 Magnum is also known as Sixer weapon in the Far Cry 5 game. It is a powerful sidearm which is there to add extra power to the gameplay and boost the entire gameplay of yours. This Sixer can down the enemy with just one single shot. As long as you are quick to hunt down the enemy, make use of this weapon as it will quickly hunt down the enemy without wasting much of your time.

4. AR-CL “Sharkbite”

This Sharkbite weapon comes between the assault and sniper rifle. It comes with semi-automatic fire feature while making use of it in the real time. This weapon comes to rescue when you want to free up the equipment where the use of sniper rifle is not that important. Learn the way to make use of this rifle and you will be good to go with the gameplay.

5. M-79 “Shark Shooter”

M-79 weapon is also called as Shark Shooter in the Fortnite: Battle Royale game. Basically, it’s a grenade launcher which comes to rescue when you plan to destroy the entire base of the enemy. The weapon uses destructive splash-damaging grenades, to hunt down the entire group of enemies. You can even take out the vehicles by launching a grenade through this Shark Shooter and this is how the entire gameplay will work for you.

6. RAT4

RAT4 is the most advanced and highly usable weapon in every battle games. Since Far Cry 5 is all about shooting, you got to use a variety of weapons to explore the best of the game. RAT4 is nothing but a rocket launcher. Yes, this is the Rocket Launcher to destroy everything around. You can load this weapon to any of your vehicles or even on the planes. The interesting part of this weapon is, you can even guide the missiles as per your requirements. This RAT4 is the essential weapon when the enemies attack on you from the air.

So folks, these are some of the most useful and essential weapons and how you can use them in different situations are given. If you are impressed with the way how they work in the new Far Cry 5 game, you should start making use of them in the future play.