Best Jailbreak Apps for iOS7


If you are searching for the best Jailbreak Apps for Apple iOS7. There are lots of Cydia apps are available for the Jailbreak iOS 7 and if you confused which one is best and essential for your iPhone or iPad, then your confusion will resolve after this article, here you can get the best jailbreak apps for  your iOS, which is running on your Apple devices.

List of best Jailbreak Apps for iOS7


This is one of the best apps  for the jailbreak devices. This app replaces the message app. It is completely free and most features are accessible for FREE! There are no other ‘pro’ or ‘full’ versions of biteSMS. It’s nice and simple. This game contains many features such as  the quick reply and quick compose options with gestures which are completely customizable through Activator. You can also buy credits via BiteSMS that is great for folks which can send a lot of international messages since it is much cheaper than carrier rates. It is a paid app which available at a price of $7.99 and its free trial is also available online.


SwiprSelection Pro

The SwiprSelection Pro is a keyboard app.The SwipeSelection Pro offered you  to scrub right on your keyboard to fine tune where your cursor ends up. That also means you don’t ever have to remove your fingers from the keyboard. There’s a free version as well, but the Pro version was completely redone for iOS 7 and gives more customization options than the older version. The paid version of the app is available at $1.99. You can download the app from here!



The CleverPin is Cydia apps for iPhone. This app is compatible with jailbreak iOS 4to iOS 7. It intelligently handles the passcode problem making the process less annoying for iOS users. The CleverPin is a paid app which is available for $1.99. With this hack installed user doesn’t have to enter the passcode again and again when they are at home, listening to music, charging battery and more.



The Notific8 is a brand new jailbreak app which has an aim to make iOS 7′s Notification Center look more similar to the  iOS 8. The changes, that take effect immediately upon installing the tweak or the app,  it consists of small aesthetic adjustments. At the bottom of Notification Center, you will notice a new Edit button and widget attribution. In  the Apple iOS 8, this button is used to manage the new widgets available in Apple’s new firmware. Notific8 is decent, but it lacks any sort of real functionality, and even some of its visual cues are a bit of.


AirBlue Sharing 7

The AirBlue Sharing 7 brings true Bluetooth sharing to iOS 7 powered devices and makes the sharing more easy in the apple devices. After installing it on the device the users can share all kinds of files from one device to another. With  the AirBlue Sharing 7 the Bluetooth file transfer is not limited to iOS to iOS.


The users can able to send or receive files from OS X, Windows, Android and other devices powered by other softwares.  The AirBlue Sharing 7 jailbreak iOS7  app is available for $4.99 in Cydia.