Best Buy Affiliate Program : Review & Commission Structure


We all know what a major retail outlet Best Buy is. As a lot of our readers might be knowing already, you can earn money through Best Buy as well by signing up for their affiliate program. Best Buy’s affiliate program is a revenue sharing program which provides you with the opportunity to earn upto 6% commision each time your site will drive consumers towards buying a Best Buy product.

  • Why should you join Best Buy’s affiliate program?

Best Buy’s program is one of the best programs around. The biggest reason to join up for this program is the fact that it will generate commission for you. The bigger the amount of consumers that end up buying products from Best Buy through your website, the greater your commission is going to be. Apart from that, Best Buy is one of the world’s biggest and most recognized electronics retailer. Joining them on their path of  growth and innovation is going to be beneficial for one and all.

Best Buy Affiliate

  • How to set up your Best Buy affiliate account?

Setting yourself up for a Best Buy affiliate account is easy. Firstly, you need to fill up the form on Linkshare on submit it. After that, email Best Buy at with the subject line “Affiliate Program Sign-up”. Within three business days (72 hours), LinkShare will send you an offer using the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard interface so that you can get started. You can your Best Buy offer under “Affiliate Network Programs”.

  • What are the Best Buy commission rates?

Best Buy’s commission rates very from product to product. Some of these rates have been given below:


 Appliances  5%
 Small Appliances, Vacuums, and Microwaves  5%
 Appliance Accessories  5%
 Computing Geek Squad Services  $25 Bounty
 Printers, Software, and Computing Accessories  4%
 Hard Drives and Networking  3%
 Desktops  2.5%
 Laptops and Netbooks  1.7%
 Tablets  1.7%
 All Other Computing Categories  2.5%
 Musical Instruments  6%
 Videogame Hardware 2%
 Videogame Software  4%
 Music and Movies  4%
 Gadgets  4%
 Entertainment Accessories  4%
 TVs and Home Theater Systems  4%
 Home Theater Accessories  4%
 TVs and Home Theater Systems  4%
 Home Theater Accessories  4%
 Mobile Phones with Service Plan Activations  $25 Bounty
 Mobile Hardware  3%
Mobile Accessories  3%
 Digital Cameras and Camcorders  4%
 MP3 Players  3%
Portable Electronics Accessories  4%
 GPS 4%
 Fitness Equipment and Accessories 3%
 Car Audio  4%
 All parts sold on  4%
  • What promotional tools are available?

Best Buy provides a wide variety of promotional banners and text links, a specific redirect link (so that you can link to individual products), a robust product catalog, video widgets and Open API’s.

  • When do you get paid?

LinkShare will provide near-real-time reporting where publishers can view sales/orders that have been placed almost real-time. Please note that monthly payments can/will vary from publisher reporting due to cancellations, returns, and removal of fraudulent orders. The payout will either be in the form of Electronic Money Transfer or a Best Buy gift card.

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