Battlefield 5 Release Date and Other Things We Know So Far

By | October 11, 2017

EA and Dice have confirmed that there will be a newer edition to the popular Battlefield franchise in the coming year i.e. 2018. So, it would be a new Battlefield 5 game. If you are an avid gamer and looking for some more details on this new action game from the popular franchise, we are here with everything about this game, the Battlefield 5. Let’s see details along with the release date and more about this game from here. 

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We all know that Battlefield 1 has proven a big success in the gaming industry which has millions of its regular players around the world. The game has over 2 million active gamers around the world over the last 3 months. Since the world is changing with technology expansions, developers of Battlefield have already decided to come up with the game’s sequel which would be called as Battlefield 5.

Regarding this new edition of the Battlefield 5 game, the developer DICE has said in a statement that, “Get insight into the minds of the developers as you hear from the Creative Director Lars Gustavsson and Lead Producer Aleksander Grondai on the past, present and the future of Battlefield. You will be able to join in the conversation as we open the floor to questions from viewers.”

Andrew Wilson, CEO of US Colossal has confirmed that there are a number of games which are being developed under that and Dice Shooter’s next, Battlefield is also in the list. The officials have also confirmed the launch of this new Battlefield 5 game via their official Twitter handle.

As per the official tweet, “NEWS: ‘s investor call. Andrew Wilson confirms that “the next great game in the Battlefield franchise” will be released in 2018.” You can find out the Tweet below.

Wilson has also revealed the plans for the upcoming year in the gaming industry. When he was asked about the future plans for the net year, the replied, “We will continue to provide our Battlefield fans, including the next major franchise game.”

This official statement and the tweet clears the doubts of everyone regarding the exact launch date of this upcoming and the next edition of the Battlefield game i.e. Battlefield 5. We are here with all the assumptions or we can say expectations of this new edition of Battlefield. Let’s catch up the details of this new game through the wold’s real gamers and other top notch people of the gaming industry.

What is Battlefield 5?

As announced by the makers of the popular action game, Battlefield a few months ago, we would get to play a newer edition of the Battlefield game this coming year. There is no any confirmed word about the actual name of this game, however since they have confirmed a new edition of the Battlefield franchise, the name of this game could be Battlefield 5.

If we go back and check out the year of the Battlefield 4 game, it was designed for the year 2020, so rather than expecting to be a futuristic game, we could expect its gameplay to set in past, may be around year 2030.

If you have played Battlefield 4 game, you might have noticed that the ending of this game is different with what you choose. So if you choose one way, the ending is different and if you choose the other way, the ending is different there as well. So this ending leave us all in mystery and to resolve it, the new edition of this game would start from the endings of this game so it is but obvious that the game will set in past.

Battlefield 5 Release Date :

Recently, the company’s CEO has himself confirmed that they will be launched this new edition of Battlefield game in the coming year i.e. 2018. Although the actual platforms for this game is still unknown, we hope that the makers will make this game available for different gaming consoles such as PC, Xbox One, PS4.

How to play Battlefield 5 game?

Since we don’t have any confirmed details about this game yet, we can easily assume that this will be even more interesting game than the previous edition of the Battlefield franchise. The gameplay will be available to play with single player or multiplayer. The Single Player gameplay will offer a personal story and you have to deal with the given mission without the help of anybody. The multiplayer mode will make the gameplay even more exciting as you will be able to take on challenges from other users of this game to beat them simultaneously. So it will be a great fun to compete against them and to beat them down in the gameplay.

Battlefield 1 was pretty good and people did like the actual gameplay of it. Well, since the world has changed with latest gadgets and technology, we would get an exciting gameplay with this new edition of the game. There will be a variety of weapons to use with absolutely rich graphics to explore the world of battling through this upcoming game.

What would you like to see in the Battlefield 5?

If you have been playing the Battlefield 1 game for a long time, you might have prepared your own wishlist for the upcoming version of the game. Here we have compiled a few things which the players of this game might want to see in the next edition of the game which is launching in the early of the year, 2018.

Episodic Campaign

Since the Battlefield 1 has a shooting environment to battle up, this new edition would also feature the same Episodic Campaign, however with more intense gameplay and modes to try out. There should be a list of extraordinary weapons to shoot down the enemies. The modes and other episodes of the game should be perfectly well managed so you can get on to the right track every time to play the game. The game should provide detailed war picture to make the gameplay more intense and interesting at the same time.


Battlefield makers should give Zombies a try to come and to battle against the real soldiers. Since Zombies are the most popular gaming characters which are winning hearts of millions of gamers from around the world, this new Zombies would definitely make the players of the Battlefield go addicted to the game. So, makers have to think about adding new elements and characters to the game to make it serve more for the users.

Extreme Battles

The new edition of the Battlefield game should offer more intense battles than the previous edition. If the player masters with all the missions and modes, he has to offer some Extreme Battles to show off what he can do with this game. Apart from this, the game should opt the same battling skills like the original version of the game like throwing off grenades from water, pulling off weapons and more.

What’s your take on this guys? What do you expect from this new Battlefield edition which is going to launch next year? Do share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comments section given below this post. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates in the coming time.

What could be the upgrades in the Battlefield 5?

Since there is no any official announcement made by the publishers or the creators of this game, we could not get to know the actual new functionality this new edition of the Battlefield game will bring. However, as per the gamer’s mind, we could expect a few essential upgrade to compete against the current action packed war games. If it doesn’t offer new upgrades, then no one will go to play this game and this could be the downfall of this game. I think the publishers and developers don’t want to make it a disastrous game, and for that very same reason, it will bring a variety of new features and upgrades to the game. Let’s see some of such interesting upgrades which we could expect from this game.

As you know in Battlefield 4 game, the tanks are not capable enough to handle high attacks. So we could expect that at least the tanks of war to become more advance with a lot of upgrades to it.

Aircrafts in the game are old age technology and we can expect some new technology into the Aircrafts so that we can set our targets while on a war.

Drones should be implemented in a new Battlefield for closer attacks. We can’t use missiles and other highly advanced weapons all the time, so we could make use of drones for closer attacks anonymously.

We want the attack boats to be precisely well designed to handle quick tasks while the battle is running on.

Apart from this advanced vehicles we could also expect some improvements in the weapons as well. There should be a whole new weapons selection program in the game where we can get the best of weapons to beat the enemies down in an attack. The upgrade options should also be there to upgrade our weapons by collecting some things or achieving small tasks within the gameplay.

Additionally, there should be an option to customize the existing weapons by adding some more devices to it to make it more powerful weapon. There should also be a squad specialization program so the other players of the squad can understand eachother’s move in the battle. This could be a beneficial move and help you achieve your desired targets.

For more updates regarding this upcoming edition of the Battlefield Franchise, stay tuned with us. We will provide you all the latest updates of this game in the future.