AT&T iPhones displaying 5G E icon with iOS 12.2 Beta update

By | February 6, 2019

AT&T is back again on the headlines as the networking giant has started showing confusing 5G E icon with its new iOS 12.2 Beta update. According to some iPhone users, they are able to see the confusing 5G E icon on their network side running on AT&T. This controversial network icon comes with the second beta update of the iOS 12.2 which is limited to some iPhone users only. 

Many iPhone users who have updated their iPhones with the second iOS 12.2 beta update have seen this icon on their phones. To confirm this, they have even shared their screenshots on various social networks. Surprisingly, one by one many users have shared their screenshots with 5G E icon on their iPhone’s screen. All of those devices were running on AT&T’s network.

Many tech blogs have confirmed this misleading update regarding the availability of the 5G connectivity. Instead of showing just LTE’s icon, the phones have started display 5G E which made everyone confused.

In early January, AT&T did the same thing with Android smartphones, and it seems like the same issue is not coming to the iOS platform. Some experts say that in the 5G E icon, E stands of evolution. It’s a new brand name under AT&T’s network which is still not disclosed by the company.

According to AT&T, 5G E reaches a speed of 400MB/s which is not compatible with the 5G network’s data speed. The 5G E offers the same speed as LTE which is not good.

The company also claims that the 5G E is the first step to get on to the 5G network. They are constantly working for the improvement on their existing LTE services and will gradually reach to maximum speed. Interestingly, the company is already offering the 5G E network to many of their employees. And their iPhones are currently running on the 5G E networks.

The company has recently said that their new 5G E network is now available in over 400 markets with more to come in the coming weeks. This is something unexpected from the networking giant, AT&T. Many other giants such as T-Mobile have made funny comments on this issue.

AT&T has officially released a statement regarding this issue. As per their statement, this 5G E indicator is nothing but it lets the users know when their phones are in the 5G E enabled area.

The original 5G enabled smartphones will be up in the market until later 2019. We have to wait for the official announcements from the Network giants regarding their 5G networks.