Atomberg, Indian home appliances startup raises $1 Million


Atomberg, Mumbai based startup which makes smart home appliances, has raised $1 Million in funding from Parampara Capital. The raised funds will be primarily used for making the process more tech oriented including automated plant, increase in manufacturing capacity, increasing online presence and development of the product.

Atomberg was founded in 2012 by Shibarata Das and Manoj Meena. It has a lot of home appliances based on the concept of smart technology to increase the efficiency and decreasing the power consumption. It is also planning to launch smart ceiling fans by the start of next year.

Speaking to The Bulletin Network, Manoj Meena, CEO – Atomberg told that India has always been a power deficient country and Atomberg is committed to solve that problem with the help of smart and energy efficient solutions. He further added that the raised funding will be used to increase the manufacturing capabilities along with developing a robust technical team. According to him, Atomberg is looking to combine the concept of IoT and energy efficient solutions to build smart products which can be afforded by the general public.

The product portfolio of Atomberg includes various electrical appliances in the home segment. Its products consumer comparatively 50-70% lesser energy than the normal appliances and the team is looking to build even better solutions in the time to come.

Currently, the startup is selling its product with the help of over 40 channel partners across the country. In the last 6 months, it has sold over 10,000 units and looking for a 200% YoY growth.