Asus’ Mixed Reality headset goes on sale for $429


Last year, at IFA 2017, Asus introduced their new Windows Mixed Reality headset. If you have been waiting for the same to try out or to purchase, the right time has come. Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset finally goes on sale in the United States. The pre-orders are now live and you can order one for you, if you live in the US.

Since the device carries a high price tag, you should be well aware about its functionality. You have plenty of other options available if you want to purchase a new Virtual Reality headset to explore the VR world. Other giants are selling the same Reality Headset at $299 while the new Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset is priced at $429, indeed an expensive device!

B&H Retailer has begun taking pre-orders for this Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset and you should go with the same if you really want to own the device. Sadly, there is no any specific date reveals of its shipping as of now. So yes, you can just pre-order this headset for now, and you will get to know when the company will ship the device. You would receive a proper email with all the details regarding your order. You have to wait for some more days to get a hands-on of this device in real.

Other giants such as Acer, Samsung, Lenovo have their own Windows Mixed Reality Headset which are priced comparatively low than the Asus’ Windows Mixed Reality. All the headsets from different giants are available to purchase through Microsoft’s official store. You can compare the devices and their pricing in your free time before making your move to the new Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset. It will save a lot of money from your pocket.

Since the device is priced a bit high, it comes with a handful of useful features. The new Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset comes with two Motion controllers which is the reason behind its high pricing comparing to other Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

As far as the specifications of this headset are concerned, it offers 1440 x 1440 per eye resolution with 105-degree field of view. You can explore more with this field of view and can see more of the virtual world. The device has a number of sensors to do their tasks automatically. It comes with built-in headphone jack as well. So you don’t have to rely on any other external headphones while using this device.

Since there is no any specific dates of the shipping announced, we are unsure about it. The company has currently listed this device in the United States and the UK. In the UK, it carries a price tag of £430. The company will soon come up with some more information regarding the availability and shipping dates in various regions around the world.