Aston Martin unveils its smartest and affordable car, the Vantage


Aston Martin’s new Second Century vehicle plan reveals yet another smartest and affordable car, The Vantage. Yes, On Tuesday, the giant has unveiled the all new affordable car in the real world. The Vantage is company’s most selling model which gets a new design and looks to beat the competitive world of cars. The new Vantage is related to DB11 model and powered by a 503hp 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine.

Being the affordable variant, this new Vantage is the most affordable on from the range. Being an Aston Martin model, it costs $150,000. The Vantage will take some time to hit the real world streets. The Vantage has got enough attention and the company is likely to reveal more about this new generation car tomorrow. So we would get to see more details about this new Car in a couple of days along with its exact pricing.

The new Vantage has a unique and new design than the original Vantage car. So this new Vantage is relatively a compact variant of the car. The car is 11 Inches shorter than the original DB11 car. The car will take up less space while on the streets than the Porsche 911.


Apart from this, the new Vantage is a bit lighter than the previous cars. It weighs around 3373 lbs and it speeds up to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. The Vantage is equipped with Mercedes-Benz.

If we talk about the design, the new generation Vantage looks absolutely different than the DB11. It has new design, however being an Aston Martin product, it has that premium looks of the Aston Martin cars.

The Vantage is a complete premium car offering premium looks and with its exterior and interior. The new Vantage has fixed everything of its layout related issues as the users of DB11 have shared through the forums and through the feedbacks.

Unlike other super cars, the new Vantage uses no active aerodynamic aids to hold the roads while speeding up the car. In order to make the car stick to the road, it uses sculpted body kit and front and rear spoilers and diffusers.

The car is built up with an advanced technology and it houses a 7-speed manual transmission system making it more faster than other phones. The new generation Vantage car is perfectly well balanced car. The car has 50 percent weight at the front and 50 percent weight at the rear. So it makes the car run smoothly without any hurdles on the roads. The car has light weight alloys and new composite materials.

If we talk about the pricing and its availability, the new Vantage from Aston Martin costs under $150,000. The car will take place in the US’ roads from June, 2018. It offers powerful performance than any other super cars. The new Vantage offers o to 60 mph speed in less than 3.6 seconds with top speed of 195 mph. The car is powered by 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 503 hp/513 lb-ft engine which is the most powerful one in the Aston Martin range. The car has no dog and you won’t get it included on the car.

Apart from this, many automotive giants are developing their own Electrify vehicles. BMW, Porsche and most of the other top brands are currently developing their hybrid cars which will run through Electric energy and Diesel. Furthermore, over 40 different types of companies are testing out their own self-driving cars. Uber is also testing their own flying taxis in the future. This makes the future of the transportation world very bright. We would get to see more advanced cars with latest technology in the future.

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