Arsene Wenger is the Best Coach in the World – Antonio Conte


There have been speculations that Arsene Wenger would be walking away when his contract runs out towards the end of the last season. Conte said that he is not surprised about the news when Arsene Wenger, the 67-year-old agreed to a two-year deal after the way Arsenal has defeated Chelsea in the May, at FA Cup Final. I consider Arsene Wenger, as one of the best coaches in the world, said the Chelsea manager.

Arsene Wenger

He also added that he’s a good coach because he indeed had a lot of time in building his squad and team. He said that he’s not surprised by the way he has developed the team as he is the best and only best can happen to the team, given that he’s the right choice. Conte is going to face Wenger in the Community Shield, that is going to be held on Sunday Afternoon at Wembley and he believes that Arsenal is capable of mounting the challenge despite its failure in qualifying for the Champions League, this season. Also, Conte revealed that he is very impressed with Arsenal signing Alexandre Lacazette, Lyon and said that it will have a huge impact on the club and also other members.