Apple’s Upgrade Program offers a ‘head start’ on iPhone X


If you are a regular customer of Apple’s Upgrade Program then from October 23, you will be able to get “head start” on the iPhone X pre-order process. With this head start service, you will be able to get pre-approved iPhone X loan with the upgrade program. This is something interesting Apple has brought for the people who are willing to purchase the new iPhone X in the future. 

To make the information available to all its customers, Apple has started showing this on their official website and the App Store app. By notifying this, people will be able to make up their mind whether they should buy the iPhone X or not?

Ahead of the official launch of the iPhone X and its pre-orders, Apple Upgrade Program customers need to download the App Store app and choose their preferred variant of the iPhone X smartphone. This will get you a pre-approved load for the iPhone X. The same offer is available for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which will speed up the shipment for these phones for the customers of Apple’s Upgrade Program.

The Upgrade Program from Apple is really interesting for the real Apple Fanboys out there. If you have paid at least 12 payments of the existing iPhone, you will be able to get the new iPhones through this instant upgrade program by the giant. This program also offers AppleCare+ support and you have to trade-in your iPhone to avail the benefit. Customers will be able to choose the plan of payments for 24 months to keep the devices.

To make the pre-order process faster than ever, Apple has come up with this plan which will get the customers of Apple Upgrade Program to order the new iPhones super faster within their phones. There is no any paperwork needed or any other information required. Once you install the App Store app, check for the availability of the phones and order one right from the app. You will not be asked for any approval during the process as your order will be directly placed.

In order to return the old iPhones, people will be able to get the Trade-in Kit from the website itself. This kit will help you to return your old iPhone to the Apple store and in return, you will get a fresh new iPhone which you choose from the Upgrade Program through the official Apple Website.

If we talk more about the new iPhone X, this is the best machine in the world in terms of its quality and its design and of course, the new set of features to add more security to your phone’s data. The giant has announced this phone with Face ID feature to amaze the entire world. Since, the manufacturing of this phone has just begun, it will take time to come to your home. Apple will disclose more about the availability of this phone and the actual pre-orders of it later on.

iPhone X will start receiving pre-orders from October 27. The phone will be launched in the market from the coming November 3rd. You will be able to purchase this phone from the same date through Apple’s offline stores.