Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 3 brings LTE and faster chipset


Apple has unveiled a new Apple Watch Series 3 in the market recent at a Keynote where the giant has also unveiled three new iPhones, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The new Apple Watch Series 3 exactly looks same as the previous Apple Watch Series 2. The only difference between these two generation is LTE Connectivity. Yes, Apple’s new Watch Series 3 has LTE Connectivity option which is something innovative in a wearable device.

This new LTE feature works well on a new Watch Series 3 whether your iPhone is nearby or not. There is no any significant changes noticeable in both these editions of the Apple Watch, the only different that you can notice is its new LTE connectivity with of course, a new version of its Operating System.

Apart from this new series of Apple Watch, the company has also unveiled a new Apple TV 4K supporting 4K and HDR technology for premium entertainment. If you are curious about the actual functionality of this new LTE Connectivity feature, we will guide you thought everything. Let’s get on to it now!

How LTE Works on the Apple Watch Series 3?

The LET Connectivity on Apple’s new Watch Series 3 is quite powerful. It uses your phone’s connection while you are nearby, but as soon as you are away with your iPhone, it still works well. LTE connection takes place as soon as you move away from your iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 3 makes you able to make voice calls to the contacts stored in your iPhone. You can easily surfs the phone logs and can view details of the calls that you have made or received just like a phone. It also works well in all the conditions. You don’t have to keep the Watch nearby your mouth, it instantly picks up your voice and gives you hassle free voice calling.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 is packs with GPS and LTE as in addition to the previous watches. You can use the GPS service on the watch as well just like the smartphone but it looks very compact in design. The design-wise, Apple Watch Series 3 doesn’t offer much differences, the only difference it its LTE connectivity with which you can make voice calls without your iPhone.

What’s the battery life of this Apple Watch Series 3? 

The new Apple Watch Series 3 offers LTE Connectivity which is why it consumes more battery life. The Series 3 offers 1 day battery life with single charge, where as the previous model of the Apple Watch offers 2 days battery life with single charge. This is something disappointing for all the fans who are looking to buy a new Apple Watch Series 3 in the future.

Apart from the LTE Connectivity, the new Apple Watch Series 3 has a bunch of default applications installed on the device for fitness and health. You can keep a track of your daily fitness activities and can set up various goals regarding it. For music lovers, you can easily connect your AirPods through this watch so you can carry music anywhere you go. So if you are not able to keep your iPhone, you can still enjoy the music while on the go by connecting your AirPods through Apple Watch Series 3.

Additionally, Apple’s Smart Watch 3 has built in Siri, Apple’s own Voice Assistant. So you can check out notifications and can do various tasks on the go. You can instantly reply to mails and notifications from the watch itself. You can ask Siri to setup various tasks like finding nearby restaurant or more about the same.

Apple has unveiled this new Apple Watch Series 3 with a number of its additions for different types of people around the world. There are three different models available for this watch and pricing of all these models are different. The new Apple Watch Series 3 is priced at $329 while the cellular model will cost $399. The high end mode of this watch is priced at $1399 which is most expensive model of the Watch.

The pre-order for this new Apple Watch Series 3 will start from 15th September  and it will be available in the market for purchase from 22nd September.