Apple is working on a 16K VR Headset, to be launched in 2020


Apple has recently discontinued the range of Apple AirPort Wireless Routers. Today, a new report just came in which suggest that the giant is working on a brand new 16K VR Headset. Apple’s CEO has praised the augmented reality technology which hints out that the giant is reportedly working on a new VR Headset which would be much more powerful than what you are expecting. 

Apart from Virtual Reality, the giant is also working out with Augmented Reality technology. So the new headset of Apple would be packed with both, AR and VR technologies. The new report released by a person familiar with Apple’s plans. According to reports, Apple plans for an 8K display for each eye. It would come with 16K resolution at user’s end on both the eyes.

If we talk about the current generation Televisions, the new VR Headset from Apple would offer double the resolution. The new VR Headset project codenamed T288. The project has just begun and in its early stages. Sources claim that the new VR Headset will be launching in the year 2020. Apple may announce it before the expected date or at a later one, things are not decided yet.

We have been hearing the same thing on the AR and VR based devices from Apple since for years on the iPhones and iPads. Which is finally making headlines in reality.

Tim Cook has said that, the giant is seeing many more opportunities and new possibilities in the AR and VR technologies. Augmented Reality lets you explore the real world very well and this is how you can simply explore the best of AR environment.

If we talk about the future, Augmented Reality would cover medical, engineering and more areas in the coming years. The future machines and robotic science have already begun using the AR based machines.

Apple’s new VR and AR Headset would operate without the wires. Yes, the headset would be fully wireless which would be connected with a small box. The small box would be short-range and high-speed. This box would be powered by Apple’s own custom processor. This processor would work as a brain of the headset and the headset would be controlled by the built-in processor itself.

On the other hand, Intel is also working on their own Wireless VR Headset. The giant is working with HTC to bring their new VR Headset. It would be also using a processor just like Apple’s Headset. In the coming years, the entire technology world will be changed with the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.