Apple will repair your Apple Watch Series 2 Batteries for free


Apple is offering free repair of your Apple Watch Series 2’s batteries for free. Yes, for selected units, the giant will replace the battery of Series 2 watches for absolutely free of cost. If you have an Apple Watch Series 2 that do not power on or have a swollen battery, the giant will replace the batteries of such watches for free. 

According to new Service Policy released by Apple, the company has taken this step towards the swollen batteries of Apple Watch Series 2. The same policy is applied on the watches which don’t turn on.

This new Free Repair policy is limited for Apple Watch Series 2 in the 42mm variant. This includes all the models of Apple Watch with different colors. Some of the users of Series 2 watches have been complaining regarding no turning on their watches, Apple will provide free repairs on such watches.

This is likely to be a worldwide initiative by Apple on the same issue as the policy is rolled out in all the major countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The same policy will soon be available in other regions around the world as Apple Watch Series 2 is widely available in the world and more users will get benefited from this new policy who are using defected Apple Watch Series 2.

A swollen battery on Apple Watch is not something what we need on a device. Such issue causes the devices not to turn on. The same thing happens to the users of Apple Watch Series 2 as their devices don’t turn on easily. Many users have shared the screenshots regarding the issue and a swollen battery on Apple’s official forum page.

In order to resolve this issue and to stay healthy in the competitive world, Apple has decided to repair the watches. Make sure the age of your Watch is not more than 3 years. Otherwise, this policy doesn’t get you a free repair.

This policy doesn’t apply to the original Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 3 models. The same is not applicable on the 38 mm variants as well. As mentioned above, the policy is there for the watches within three years of the original date of purchase.

If you’ve been using the same Apple Watch with a Swollen battery and want to know more about the new policy released by Apple, you may want to visit the official policy page of Apple. You can simply visit the section of repair of the battery of your Apple Watch and can schedule an appointment for the same. You will be able to contact the official advisory through phone or chat.

According to official’s, the battery replacement process will be done by an off-site Apple Repair Center. More options and information about free repair of battery is given on the official contact page of Apple. You need to visit the official page for more information about the same!