Apple Watch 2.0 won’t rely on the iPhone, for Data


Apple has been an innovative piece of engineering, but it has its drawbacks. In case if you somehow lost your smartwatch somewhere, suddenly; your watch becomes less smart. This is because of the design of the watch, that it pulls the data from the nearby iPhone, be it music, videos or messages over the networks. However, according to the latest rumors, the developers at Apple are working on this, to bring out a change by accommodating an inbuilt LTE technology.

Apple Watch

This watch is supposed to be released by the year’s end. Why, if you ask? The reason that smartphones are developed is that carrying the landlines became difficult and the reason wearable gadgets are invented is that carrying the smartphones, all the time became difficult. If there is no bridge to build this gap, given that the product is only reinforcing a side of the bridge, what’s the point of using it and leaving people to think that you’re dead when you’re off the radar by losing your smartphone.

To enable people, leave their phones while they take vacations, beach trips, picnics or while they go to have a nice run in the park or perhaps, the gym; this upcoming Apple Watch is anticipated to cater all these situations where the smartphone can be detached from the person.