Apple Watch Series 3 LTE would only work in Country of Purchase


Apple’s newly announced gadgets, i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K have started receiving pre-orders as promised by the giant Apple. Now, one very interesting report came out regarding the compatibility of the new Apple Watch Series 3. If you are going to order a new Apple Watch Series 3 to purchase from Apple, you should know the compatibility of this watch first. Since you know, the Apple Watch Series 3 comes with LTE support, it is better for you to know where the Apple Watch will work and with what? Find it out from here. 

Apple has just made this LTE enabled new Apple Watch Series 3 available only to a few countries for the initial launch. You may be a frequent traveller to different countries or resides in various countries for month. If you are planning to buy a new LTE enabled Apple Watch to work in all the countries where you travel, here’s a bad news for you all. Apple’s new LTE Enabled Watch will not work in different country. Yes, the new Apple Watch Series 3’s LTE connectivity is limited to the country from where you have purchased it.

So if you have purchased this new Apple Watch Series 3 from the US’s retailer, this will only work with four major carriers  and it will not work in any other country than the US. This is due to some hardware limitations in the watch.

As per the Apple’s support representative, this LTE connectivity can’t be expanded to the entire world with respect to the hardware specifications which are used inside this Apple Watch. It works perfectly fine within the country and supports all the carriers of a particular country.

As per the official spokesperson of Apple, macrumors team have come up with a news regarding the Apple Watch’s compatibility. “If you purchased one (an Apple Watch S3 GPS + Cellular) through the US Apple Online Store, it’ll only work for the 4 US carriers. It wouldn’t work internationally unfortunately. I’m not entirely sure what type of error it would show if you took a US Watch to Germany, but it wouldn’t be compatible with Telekom.”

Additionally, there is no any roaming facility available as well. So, the Apple Watch will not work outside the carrier which you have chosen for the Apple Watch Series 3. Unlike iPhones, the Apple Watch has limited LTE bands over the countries. So, it will not work with roaming or any other country on different network.

As we have already told you that, the giant has made this Apple Watch Series 3 available to a few countries only. The countries where this Apple Watch Series 3 is available to purchase are the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, China, Puerto Rico and Switzerland. Apple says, they will soon expand the availability of this new Apple Watch to other countries of the world, but it will take some time.

We request you all to please read everything of the new products before actually purchasing them. You should read everything about the product and its functionality and after confirming your doubts, you can go ahead to purchase it.