Apple unveils macOS High Sierra : Everything you need to know


After a successful launch of the macOS Sierra and its all the major updates, the giant has unveiled a newer edition to the same OS with, new macOS High Sierra. Apple has officially announced this update for Mac users around the globe.

If you are running a developers program with your system, then you can download its Golden Master Candidate of macOS High Sierra which was announced just a couple of days ago. For more information about this new OS update, here we have compiled everything about it. Get all the information about this new update and at the end we would provide you a direct download link for the macOS High Sierra 10.13 GM Candidate.

Apple has officially confirmed the launch date of this new macOS High Sierra in the market. The official launch date is September 25th. So if you are running a beta version of this OS, you can update it with the latest GM Candidate edition just to test it out before the public roll out. It is a good thing if you are keen to know the actual functionality of the stable version of the new macOS for your Mac system.

Unfortunately, you will not get any significant changes to your current OS with this GM Candidate edition, however there might be a few noticeable changes that you would see in this update by your own self once you update your macOS with this latest edition of the GM Candidate.

So the giant has decided to launch all the OS updates for its different devices. If you are using Apple Watch, then a new watchOS4 is coming on September 19th in the market. The same date has decided for the iOS users with the new iOS 11 update. You can even download iOS 11 GM update for your iOS device to test out the new iOS 11 before the public roll out. And now, this new macOS High Sierra update which has got the launch date, September 25th.

macOS High Sierra is a significant update for the developers and the general users of the mac system might not get to see any changes on the existing macOS Sierra on their respective Mac systems. However, this new update will bring a few new features to the current OS which can be consider as the new features on this update. The new macOS High Sierra is packed with new core storage, video and graphics technologies to improve the overall performance of your mac system.

As per the Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, “macOS High Sierra delivers important forward-looking technologies and new opportunities for developers wanting to tap into the power of machine learning and create immersive VR content on the Mac. The core technology innovations in macOS High Sierra, combined with our advances in hardware, will continue to push the Mac forward in exciting new ways.”

If you are curious to know what’s new inside this latest and upcoming macOS update from Apple, then here we have listed down all the new updates that would come along with the new macOS High Sierra Operating System for the Mac systems.

macOS High Sierra : Features and updates

Apple File System- APFS

Apple File System has brought a new technology with which it finds out the duplicate files in your system and stores it well without occupying more space. If you have upgraded with the latest system and you might have noticed a few extra space in your system. This is just because of this new APFS on the latest update of macOS.

This technology reduce the amount of data and space and give you some extra space to save more stuffs on your system. It keeps all your data and documents safe with built-in encryption option. It also backs up everything of your system over the cloud so all the data can not go wiped away if the system crashes.

Apart from this, it also boost the file transfer speed so you can easily transfer data from one device to the other super faster with the help of this new File System technology.


Safari has been redesigned and you will be able to personlize your web surfing experience through the all new Safari web browser with this new Apple macOS High Sierra update. You can setup things as per your requirements on various websites. You can change the location or can change the font size of a particular websites and much more.

The new Safari will take care of all its users in terms of offering the best user interface of web surfing. The update will not auto play any videos from any websites unless you allow it. It will also avoid storing cookies from various websites so you can securely surf the websites without having to worry about the passwords and other details of yours within the Safari web browser. This keeps the history of your web surfings limited to your Internet providers and you, not any third parties are allowed to view your web surfing history with this new improved Safari browser.


Mail app of your Mac system in the new update of macOS High Sierra has been updated with a few useful features. The new update brings an improved search option to let you find out what you are actually looking for in the inbox of your mail account. You can easily click on to the search option and can enter your query right there. Hit the enter button and you will be able to see what you actually looking for in the inbox.

The new Mail app has Top Hits suggestion option which will get you the emails that you have red in the past or the ones which you have interacted the most. This Top Hits feature will get you the right emails instantly. This feature depends upon the searches that you have made within the mail app. So the more you search the smarter this feature gets. This app will also ask you to split view the screen if you are looking the mail with full screen mode.

With this new update, if you have launched the mail app to compose a new mail on the macOS High Sierra, this updated mail app will let you compose your mail through right side window and the other details of the inbox and other mails will be placed at the left side of the screen. So, it will add more fun while you compose a new email hassle free.


Every time, when a Mac system gets a new update, the Siri gets smarter and smarter with new improvements and features to explore just like the iOS devices.

The new Siri update will offer more natural voices of male and female both, so you can choose the right ones from here and you will get the desired answers in natural voice. So by now, you will hear more natural voices instead of robotic voice from the Siri app.

The Siri will itself learns from your past searches and from that, it will get you regular recommendations so you can get the best things without asking Siri on a regular basis. It will also manage your music and will get you the playlists which you like the most.


Messages is one of the coolest messaging application which comes as a default messaging app on iOS and macOS systems. The new update allows you to store all your messages on iCloud. So even if you lose your device, the messages will still be there in your iCloud’s account so you can get them back. This way it will not consume any storage space on your mac system so you can free up some space to use it storing additional files.

One of the best update to this app is its sync option. All the messages of the same account will be synced on all the devices. So, you can respond to the people via Messages app from anywhere from your iOS device or from the macOS system.


Apple has improved the Video quality with this new update of its macOS i.e. macOS High Sierra. For that the giant has taken up the High Efficiency Video Coding technology to run 4K videos smoothly on the system. This new technology will automatically compress the videos upto 40% so it can be stored with less space on the system.

People who love to download their movies or other videos in full 4K resolution, can now store more with this new technology of storing video files.

Metal 2

If you are somehow working with the graphics of the system and play with the graphical interface of your system, then this new Metal 2 technology will give you more space. It lets all the applications to use maximum graphics from your system to give you the best and rich graphical interface.

This has brought machine learning technology with virtual reality through external graphics. The new API will give you better performance while working with the system. You can even use external GPU with the help of Thunderbolt 3 so you can add more GPU to your system additionally.

Virtual Reality

Nowadays, people are getting more into the virtual reality as there are many smartphones and other gadgets allow users to explore things with Virtual Reality gadgets. The giant has decided to support Virtual Reality within the new macOS High Sierra update. This will help all the developers to create VR supported contents within the system.

This will boost up your work with games, videos and more right from your macOS system. However, this Virtual Reality feature will not be available on unsupported devices. So if you are using an older systems, it will not work with it. You have go to the Apple Store and purchase the latest supported MacBooks or iMacs in addition to work with the Virtual Reality technology.


Notes is one of the useful app that comes with all the Mac updates. This is simple yet a very useful small app that allows users to take notes and store them within the system. You can even share your notes with other people with a number of ways instantly from the system.

The new update allows you to pin down the most useful and needy notes, so every time you launch the Notes app, the pinned notes will be the first in the list so you can quickly get them or can access them right away. This will also help you if you keep updating your notes, this feature will makes it possible to quickly re-save the notes.

Apart from this, the new update now allows its users to add tablets of contents as well. Yes, you heard that right, you can now even create your own table within the Notes app to your macOS High Sierra system.


Spotlight has also been redesigned in the latest macOS update. Now, you can get multiple answers with Wikipedia pages if you enter your queries. So you don’t have to go to the Search engine every time to get your queries solved. This new Spotlight update will take care of everything and you will be get the best results of your queries as it is now integrated with Wikipedia.

Apart from this, Spotlight now allows you to get the information of your flights. Just add your flight number and this app will give you all the information regarding its departure and arrivals with its timings.


Apple’s Photos app is gaining more popularity day by day as it is one of the best tools to organize and manage all types of photos. You can import your photos from your Digital camera or your mobile phone and the Photos app will itself stores all the photographs and will manage them accordingly.

The new Photos app update now have a one side menu with more options. This update will allow you to quickly access things on the Photos app. It will allow you to manage things and get things done related to photos that you have stored within the Photos app. Fortunately, all the photos in the Photos app store in the iCloud so this app will take care of everything related to your Photos.

Apart from this, the new update brings new professional photo editing tools to edit your photos right from the application. So you don’t have to add or install any other applications just to edit your photo. This is one of the most impressive feature in the Photos app that you are going to explore with the new macOS High Sierra update.

The new update will also bring more features if you take live photos and gain more powers to your photos. You can enhance your photographs easily with the help of a number of handful tools. In other words, the new Photos app has been completely redesigned and give you more power to organize and manage your photos easily. So if you are somehow into Photography, then this is the best photos app that you are going to see as the default Photography app.

These were all the highly advanced features that you are going to get along with the new macOS High Sierra update. Now, if you are wondering whether your current Mac system will support this new macOS High Sierra update or not, then you don’t have to worry about it. Here, we have listed down all the supported Mac systems which you can update with the new macOS High Sierra Operating System which is just announced by the giant, Apple. Find out your Mac system in the following list right now.

  • MacBook (Late 2009 or later)
  • MacBook Air (2010 or later)
  • MacBook Pro (2010 or later)
  • Mac mini (2010 or later)
  • Mac Pro (2010 or later)
  • iMac (Late 2009 or later)

If you are looking for a direct download link of this new macOS High Sierra update, then just follow below mentioned link and get it downloaded to your desktop right now.

macOS High Sierra 10.13 GM Candidate