Apple is replacing batteries from Macbook Pro

By | April 22, 2018

Apple has officially unveiled a new program for the Macbook Pro laptop users. According to their new program, users of some non-Touch Bar 13-inch MacBook Pros will get a free battery replacement. Yes, you heard that right. The new program is designed for the older Macbook Pro users who have some issues regarding their battery life and the size of their batteries. The damaged Macbook Pro will get a brand-new battery for free. 

As per their official statements, many of the Macbook Pro users have some issues regarding the battery. A few number of Macbook Pro users who have bought the Macbook Pro in between October 2016 and October 2017. They have even posted their issue on the official Apple forum’s page.

The program has begun already and people who have been facing this issues can write an email through their Macbook Pro to Apple. After that, they need to select the nearby Apple Authorised Service Provider or they can visit the official Apple Store as well. They will get a free battery replacement of their own Macbook Pro.

To make the program more clear and affordable for the users, Apple lets you check whether your Macbook Pro is affected or not. You can head over to this link where you need to enter the Serial number of your Macbook Pro. Enter the number and hit the Submit button. The system will check if you need a battery replacement of your system or not.

In addition to this program, Apple has further said that this new program is a complete different and separate program for the Macbook Pro users and their affected batteries. It will not extend the warranty of the product.

On the other hand, if you have already paid for the battery replacement of your affected Macbook Pro, you can contact to the officials to ask for the refund of what you have paid to replace the battery. Since the program lets you replace the battery for free, you will get full refund of your money, if you have already paid for it.

Furthermore, the new battery replacement program will be available for five years since the original release of this product, Macbook Pro. Note that, the non-touch bar Macbook Pro can only opt out this program and the same is not present for any other Macbooks.

We would recommend you to first go to the above mentioned link and enter your Macbook Pro’s serial number first. You would get to know if yo need a battery replacement or not. If the system says yes, you can go ahead and contact to the nearby Apple’s official Service Center.